Crystalline Entity for the CSM!

Hello Pilots,

TD;LR paragraph
Most importantly, I look good in a one piece swim suit. Pics available on request if I get in*

Secondly, I have lived as a pirate for the last 6 years in the best region ingame – Khanid!

Darwin has 1 blue. We are not affiliated with any null blocks of any kind**. I am a truly independent candidate with a fair amount of experience pirating and pvping generally. We actively try and have no blues, it’s an odd position to have in the game nowadays.

I truly love Low Sec and I am the only one going for CSM who predominately lives and fights in Low Sec ***

Fought in the AT. Don’t look at how we did.

We need more lowsec representation.

I am a great negotiator, quick to see others perspective and patient with all. I see the best in people while being able to hold my position. I have been spied on and double-crossed enough to not be a naive.

Chuck any spare votes at me like you would a charity worker who had successfully made eye contact with you, and made you feel a little sad for the cretin.

Policy platform
These are some of my bugbears:


  • Khanid LP store make better
  • Lowsec gate to Stain from Khanid
  • Fix FW****
  • Make all bad LP stores better


  • Lowsec gate to Stain from Khanid
  • Rats drop blue loot not isk
  • Not being able to jump an Ansiblex jump gate if you are scrammed


  • BC sized ewar boat
  • Ratting to give weapon aggro
  • Tier 3 BS model given module to shut down cyno and can block cynos
  • Citadel limit of 3 per system
  • Remove damage caps on low power citadels


• The blue donut


I will address a couple of the more interesting ideas up there

Rats in null dropping some kind of blue loot . I am not into roleplay, but you could make the argument that highsec and lowsec are part of the empires. Null sec is not, so there should be nobody to give bounties, why should the empires care.

Might also encouraging hunting bots if you can scan their MTUs and make several hundred mil potentially.

Tier 3 BS model given module to shut down cyno and can block cynos I love the tier 3 BS models and it has always annoyed me that the Tier 1 and Tier 2 BS have variations on a theme with that model. The Mega has: Mega, Navy Mega, Kronos, Fedathron. The Apoc has something similar. Just a lack of imagination on CCPs part tbh.

To be creative and breath life back into these great ships, how about we get a module that would only fit on a Tier 3 BS, that would actively block cynos within a certain distance.


  • Max jam range, 500km
  • 1 stront per second
  • Max time up: 4 mins
  • 4 min cooldown
  • Can SHUT DOWN active cynos but it would take 30 seconds to do that.

Open to debate parts of that module that might be open to unintended abuse.

The blue donut
Having few blues it is pretty clear where my beliefs lie on this front. I have no side to take here. To make the point, Darwin got name dropped on some Goonswem podvideo and were “purged” from our “space” in Feb 2018 and later in November 2018 we helped Snuff to bait NC in Tribute.

I will never be one of these “eve is dying” people (cough Arkale Dark) but it is getting a tad silly now. All the southern “honestly not friends” need to do is batter PANFAM and Frat and the game goes near enough pretty friendly neutral. With the exception of the roaming groups that accidentally skilled themselves into space who will just meme off into Wormholes if their space is taken.

Not a great place for the game. I’ve got no suggestions as it’s just human nature we are looking at here.

Probably all stupid/bad ideas. I dunno.

Please ask questions, I may check back and answer some of them.

Sorry this isn’t 8 paragraphs longer. Most candidates seem to be able to write masses of utter drivel.

*I am a short fat guy
**We have temp blued people on occasion when our objectives aligned
***Probably, can’t be bothered to check
**** Somebody will need to tell me how to fix this and if sensible I will advocate it

Should probably review the Dev Blog from Odyssey which removed tiers for battleships. Tier 3’s are now known as “Combat Battleships” and each race has 2 of them and then 1 Attack Battleship (except caldari, they for some reason get a Disruption Battleship).

It would be a bit difficult to single out those battleships for a special module because they’re no longer unique or different from the other combat battleships.

Also, if we were going to single out particular ship line for a specialization role that also has cost backing the strength to jam cyno’s, the Marauder line would be best. Since you can incorporate cyno jamming into bastion, or make a separate module from bastion unique to marauders. Their tank is also strong enough with bastion to effectively tank things that try to kill them much better than the Hype/Rokh/Maelstrom and Abaddon. Marauders also have extra utility highs for extra cyno inhib modules, where as only the Hyperion would have a utility high, so you’d have to gimp the 3 other battleships to fit a cyno inhib (assuming its a high slot module).

Good god go away… TECH 3… Go with Tech 3 Jesus

I had thought about Marauders tbh, but they are really expensive still for small gang fights whereas a Tier 3 BS would be cheapy

How cheap and what about it makes it “T3” ?

Locking down Cyno’s is a pretty intensive/specialized affair, so it would be expected that the ship that can do it is one with some cost involved to prevent them from being spammed in major fleet operations. Also, T2 ships are for specialization roles, which cyno inhibiting would be a specialization.

While I agree cyno’s need more counters, I don’t think T1 battleship hulls are the best fit.

What are you talking about? There is no Tech 3 battleship, nor is there a Tier 3 Battleship anymore. The Tier 3 battleships OP refers to are the Hyperion, Abaddon, Rokh and Maelstrom. As already shown (click the dev blog link), CCP no longer has tiers for battleships, as it was done away with in the Odyssey expansion. Now its combat battleships and attack battleships, which are all T1.

So for the OP to state that only the Abaddon, Hype, Rokh and Mael would get the cyno module as they’re Tier 3 is not accurate, as that no longer exists. They’re considered Tech 1/T1 now, they are not unique anymore.

Hi, don’t you think this would exclude hundreds of potential corps from anchoring structures?

They could always blow up one in system. We could always update it to just low and nullsec this one.

I am quite flexible when ideas need to be thought out more and updated

Do you know what it takes to blow up a citadel? Because it doesn’t seem like you do.

Maybe you should take the time to think these ideas out a bit more.

No mate, only been a pirate for 6 years…never blown up a citadel /s

Blowing citadels up is easy, the length of time on the timers is aids but its easy to do.

What are your views about emergent gameplay broadly and ganking specifically? If CCP were to table a motion that made a playstyle completely obsolete, would you challenge that even if you disagree with the playstyle and, if so, how?

I dislike ganking (having lost 1 JF and 1 freighter in highsec to them, bastards!) but I think it is a legitimate playstyle. I would oppose most measures that makes the sandbox smaller and more regulated. EVE isn’t safe, it’s not supposed to be, anywhere outside of new player experience perhaps…

This guy seems cool!

Wait, wrong char

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Got my #2 vote. GL bro. Your playstyle needs more love. Every Eve noob needs a crazy pirate story.

Thank you sir!

I have a few from over the years. I’d have to have a think about something amusing.

I make derpy videos:

The incident of the blops were we thought we were blobbing 1 guy turned into an XiX cerb blob

This guy seems cool.

Wait voting has ended!

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