CSM Summit Report – September 2019

My brief write-up on the CSM Summit: http://dunkdinkle.com/csm-summit-september-2019/


Great write up, thanks for sharing!

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At this point, I can understand the constraints that are holding back you posting more detailed and opinionated interpretation of CSM information. That being said, both Olmeca and Innominate have been credited making public observations that are less than optimistic and, in the case of Innominate, downright accusatory on the intent/capabilities of CCP. Are you able, at this time, to address this particular concern? Can you describe the mood before/during/after the summit amid the CSM members?

I think the article gives a good hint about the problem. CCP is too focused on metrics like “faucets”, but does not know how to motivate people to login and do stuff … and no, login rewards are not the solution.


What!, are you telling me that the picture of Falcon on the launcher is not enticing people to log on?! :wink:

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As you might imagine, there is a variety of opinions among the CSM and those opinions varied during the week.

As I wrote, I believe that CCP has everything they need to push EVE forward and get people re-engaged, but the key issue is how they decide to allocate their resources. That is the unknown. Each of the CSM has different takes on what will happen.

Probably not specific enough for what you are looking for, but I’m more of a wait-and-see person.

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Fair enough. Any idea of an ETA on when the summit notes will become available? A couple weeks, a month, when Falcon has a mullet?

Cheers Dunk!

It took only 14 years for someone to write this down and explain what IS happening and what isn’t happening.

But here is a question:

Does CCP actually read what we write here and takes the more genuine post into consideration or do they only read when they ask for something specific?

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Yes, the absolutely read what is written in the forums.

However, from what I saw the take it more as indicators of what the players are thinking. More like getting the sentiment around proposed ideas or changes.

I don’t think they are reading long, detailed proposals to change specific things and actively work on them.


CCP tends to outright dismiss concepts/ideas/opinions that tend to run counter to their own accepted view of game mechanics. Took years of us trying to convince them to rewrite WD mechanics for HS, they kept saying there was no need. They actually get down and look at the numbers and “we were shocked to find that people were logging off and just not returning.” People asking for revitalization of missions/exploration for a DECADE and they develop RW because " those people we talked to said everyone is asking for group high sec activities." DOA.

The only people CCP tends to listen to are in NS, within their own chat channels, occasionally the CSM, and any voices heard in dreams of Hilmar. I have never seen a company so disconnected from such a large fraction of their customers. While I can agree with not letting player requests rule game development in all aspects, perhaps the constant ignoring of well thought out and reasoned ideas could stop. CCP painted themselves into the current corner by hyperfocusing on a select group of people at the cost of ignoring a far larger proportion of their customers…for year after year. Sad to say, but part of me is enjoying seeing those that treated so many of us poorly reaping what they sowed.

I hope they can change the game around. I love this game and have done so for 11+ years. The next 6 months will tell the tale.


yes they do. We got RW because CSM told them HS need group content. We got Abyss because someone was asking for easy to get pve content. CCP didn’t created above by temselves but from asking players and read what they want. Which is a tragedy. Developer has no ideas where to head with it’s own game. From what I see now CCP don’t know what to do.

The reason for asking was because I am responsible for all that drone ratting since drones were made useful - something I proposed.

Then again this year when I proposed for the Harbinger to get 200gj more powergrid, which you can find in the May 2019 patch notes.

Well that’s something. And deducting from your response I am guessing they have pretty good idea for when to acknowledge when something is meant sincere or like me being sarcastic every now and then.

I hope the meeting minutes will have cat videos for NDA stuff again, last year there weren’t any :frowning:

People like to tinfoil rationales to support their ideas by either framing CCP as blind fools or crafty geniuses. The truth is they are neither. They are hard working people trying to make a complex game fun and profitable, which is no easy task 16 years after launch.

BAHAHAHAH! God, what a joke. Hard working people trying to make it fun… The only thing CCP does lately is trying to make EVE the worst possible experience imaginable.

If you really believe that why are you still here ? If you don’t really believe that why say it ?

Why shouldn’t I be here? I am an Alpha account and can comment wherever I want. I am also still here because I have a nice corp with cool people and things to do (which CCP keeps ruining one after another). I am not here because of CCP but despite CCP.
Why should I not believe in something I write just because I still play? Ever heard of criticism? No? Thought so.

You are right, but I think missed one point. I’m pretty sure Dunk Dinkle is saying that CCP has read short posts over a long time, wanting more “HS group content” and
“easy to get pve content” - but they did not use a player’s long, detailed proposal for Resource Wars or Abyssal Deadspace. CCP game designers created those features.

It is very rare for long, detailed proposals on the forums to be read and used, by a CCP game designer.

When CCP are reading lots of posts a day, they might skim over 10 long, detailed proposals about FW, and note down an idea or two, but their main conclusion could be: “10 players are concerned about the state of FW strongly enough, to take the time to write long proposals to fix it. A number of unique forum users liked posts in this thread. We should move up the priority of making changes to FW, compared to other game features players write about.”

To the part about FW there is other problem. Devs favour to introduce new things rather than improving old ones. Thats is why we get abyss instead of missions rework. Reinventing the wheel where both are the same type of content.

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In my mind’s eye I see the most magnificent flounce as you wrote that.

You are grossly maligning the developers of a game you don’t even pay for - just how ‘entitled’ do you think you should be ??

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As entitled as I feel is appropriate? I have enough Omega accounts to warrant any level of entitlement I deem fit.

This is exactly my point. Thanks.

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