CSM we need patch notes back

CSM please ask CCP to release real patch notes again. I don’t care if they release a week or two after the fact. I am tired of trying to figure out if I am just getting garbage loot drops or if CCP played with the loot drop chances or nerfed the content. I also beleive that CCP has buffed the level 4 mission rats resistances while lowering the isk bounties again.

Ask about the risk versus reward. Year to date high sec has lost around 700 more ships then null sec.


They already exist?

CCP doesn’t touch these and if they do, they make it very clear that the droprates of items were changed.


Those are not the complete patch notes. Those are what CCP is releasing but they are not telling us everything they have done. I want the complete patch notes, like we nerfed conduit pay outs or buffed x NPC stats. CCP is not telling us everything.

And they never have been. I thought people were already used to it?

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How do you know?

Again, how do you know this?

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First off we will never know for sure since CCP is not releasing the WHOLE patch notes. I suspect that conduits have been nerfed, as multiple players are saying their conduit loot drops are low. I have also notice that conduit pay out are lower now. I have noticed that level 4 missions my battleship could do, I am now having to warp out and repair.

This is why I want CCP start releasing the complete patch notes and stop leaving players/customers in the dark. There is no reason in the world to not let your players/customers know what you are doing unless you think you get blow back for doing it.

I am not asking to be told what CCP will be doing, I am asking for CCP to at least let us know what they did after the fact.

RNG and bad fits is all I see, man.

But I guess it’s easier to try and find something external to blame. :woman_shrugging:

The fit was running the level 4 missions easily, so that is not the case and the sample size for the conduit pay outs it too large to be bad RNG unless CCP changed it.

So - maybe CCP changed it. That’s their prerogative. I suspect minor balance changes are made all the time without notification. Solving puzzles and adapting to change is part of the game.

When you solve puzzles you have pieces and an all over all picture, neither of which CCP give the players. Yes adapting is easy to do in this game but as a customer i am tired of swinging in the wind. CCP used to have no problem telling us what was changed in the game and now they do.

And CCP is tired of everything being min maxed before they put the patch on TQ. They want things to be a challenge and if they tell us what they change then there is no challenge.

source ?

all that relates to world algorithms has never been published, besides modules interactions.
The loot tables, even the loot mechanism, has never been published by CCP, AFAIK.
The respawn of anoms , AFAIK has never been either . The only things related is when CCP did increase the respawn time.

For the rats, you can check if their values changed on esi or … I don’t remember that name

My source is all new PvE content they have added for a while has not been on sisi prior to release

That’s just nonsense.

What’s your source that


Source ? That’s totally possible, but do you have a real source that list all the pve content added by CCP, by date, and whether CCP did add them on sisi or not ?
Otherwise you’re basing your opinion on “distant memories’” and are therefore very likely subject to a confirmation bias.

I remember either a CSM or CCP did state they were tired of people figuring out how events and all that worked, before hand… thats why they quit putting events up on SiSi. Too many people were learning how it worked when some majority never get on SiSi, therefore didn’t get the advantage.

triglavians weren’t on SiSi, past events up to Crimson Harvest Last year weren’t on SiSi either.

I also remember something the like, yet without source it’s only a correct way to make mistakes.

Are you done screaming “I want a source” do you actually play the game, do you ever log into the test server?

are you done spreading BS with no reason ?

Because your stupid posts are just that.

Do you have a source for that, or is it just your opinion.

You are the one spreading BS.