Patch Notes What is the Point

What is the point of patch notes since CCP does not put all the changes in them?

I think the reason CCP quit putting out complete patch notes is because CCP knows they will only pi$$ of the players. I sure do miss the CCP that CCP Seagull captianed. We may not like all the changes that happened under CCP Seagull but she was not afraid to tell us what got changed!


I would like actual complete patch notes just from a fitting/tech perspective. When a patch note says server side changes, the tech issues explode, but CCP doesn’t seem to look at a whole system approach. Windows updates can, and often do have an effect on Eve working. Graphics updates can result in a need for driver updates and so forth. Fitting wise, I’d rather know a nerf happened so i can adjust as needed before my corp mates say they have issues.


The EVE community has a great past history of solving any mystery or puzzle aspect of both EVE content, as well as gameplay mechanics, in record time. Perhaps CCP refrains from putting all the information in the notes to prolong the uncertainty, at the cost of leaving vital information important to normal gameplay for many players out.

…or perhaps some of the effects and emerging mechanics wasn’t either intended or programmed correctly and is as much of a surprise to the devs as it is to the players. :hugs:

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Nah, they do it so they can claim a bug is actually a feature.



You are quite right unfortunately. The player base dissects the game on a level CCP can’t seem to comprehend.

Edit; My mistake was thinking I was paying/subbing for CCP to think ahead.

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No offense, but it is really ■■■■■■■ dumb to think that they could outsmart thousands of dedicated, smart people.


I know, I said the same thing before myself. It’s just you would think they could hit closer to the mark every now and then…

Were it up to me there would be no patch notes at all. Way more entertaining.

In the age of chaos, what a riot! :rofl:

Hmmmm fair comment by the OP as CCP just did a change to allying and it was not mentioned anywhere. Each allying now has a 10m Concord fee. A bit meh in one sense, but can live with it…

EDIT: Just been told it has been in existence for a while, my bad.


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