Minor shadow improvements on structures

Hey i was just looking up the patch notes for the last patch and the only thing that was in it was “Minor shadow improvements on structures”. Why would they ever release a patch like that?

The patch notes are the ultimate way to build interest in the game. Dont ever release a patch with no substance again. Thank you :slight_smile:

Don’t touch my citadel shadows man!

Is this the same patch that crashed EVE for hundreds of players?

I’m sure CCP will take your advice to heart.


A fair defense would be that the patch preceeding this shadow patch, no pun intended, was fairly comprehensive. Altho at the end of the day it was mostly some ship balances for the umpteenth time, and other minor things.

The most substantial change was player trading of LP which is back. In coming patches they should probably improve on this! For example there needs to be a log of who sent you LP, when and how much, and an option to “Send All” when choosing amount to send. Thats all. Have a nice day.

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If it’s a text box, just hold 9, it will populate your maximum amount once you get there.