Patch notes

“Various issues have been fixed that make New Eden a better place.”

These aren’t patch notes. It’s literally just “there was a patch.”
It would be nice to know what was actually fixed.


While I do agree that they should disclose more info I think these types of patches are ones that fix exploits. They are pretty tight lipped about releasing any info on exploits.

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Probably some trivial changes to the game that Dev’s didn’t want to write up.

I agree with the OP, basically they just said ‘Move along Capsuleer, nothing to see here’.


There have been more than a few stealth changes over the years. Some are pleasant surprises, while some are nasty jokes that I’m sure the devs spend a few hours chuckling to themselves over while we rage post in the forums upon their discovery. At the end of the day, ‘adapt or die’ still applies.

Unless it’s a bug, then by all means, rage post. A bug report would be actually productive but I can understand the frustration when it comes to bugs.

It’s easy to translate.

“goons found something that annoyed them. We removed it.”.


Sometime you don’t want others to know what screw-up you have done in your code. You just put remark like “cosmetic fix” or something equally irrelevant.:zipper_mouth_face:

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I’ve seen a noticable drop in quality for patch notes, the game has updated itself many times recently without even a line of patch notes being released with it.

In the latest patch notes (July 10th 2018) there’s a line that I need further clarification on:

“In high/low security space, scooping an unanchored structure that does not belong to your own corp is now considered a suspect act. It will require you to set your safety accordingly, and will trigger a suspect timer.”

Does it also apply to things like secure or freight containers?

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That patch is probably on sisi, so get on there and try it out.

Usually they are Closing up Loopholes or Exploits that had been found. As this answers your question, I will go ahead and close this.

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