Patch Notes aka Stealth Nerfing

Is there a place to get complete patch notes for Eve Online?

I am asking because multiple players are tell me that the conduit loot drops are very low now. I have ran the conduits and I an only averaging 8M isk in loot plus conduit isk pay out.

We have also noticed that medium drones are now have a very hard time tracking npc frigates and are missing 85% of the time.

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Wrong tool for the job, light drones are generally used against frigates because their tracking is much better than that of medium drones. For example the tracking of a Hobgoblin II is 2.178 rad/sec, whereas the tracking of a Hammerhead II is 0.696 rad/sec; a considerable difference.

Mediums are generally used against cruisers and battlecruisers.


Was there anything valuable in the loot drops to begin with?

But but bigger is better!!

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But don’t you know, we’re gonna need a bigger bo-…

(checks what I fly and what I like to do)

…never mind, carry on

a few months back you would get 20-50mil per site, they got nerfed for sure

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Wrong the Gila used to be able to just eat frigates alive but not now.

I ran 6 emerging conduits last night in a drekavcaciavicikivanovic (someone will have to spellcheck that for me) and the loot alone was 25+ Million per site… sooooooooooo

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That is correct.


How am I wrong, the drone stats speak for themselves.

And you said absolutely sweet FA about the Gila in your original post, not that the drone damage bonus affects how shitty medium drones are at tracking frigates.

The damage bonus is useless if you can’t apply it, you can use a TP to increase the targets sig radius or a web to slow them down if you insist on using medium drones to twat frigates.


I have done 9 sites today and 42 sites yesterday. There is no change to drop rates before the last patch nor the time before the extended non-DT.

Drops of red sheets vary between 0 and 45M ISK. With such a large range you need hundreds of samples to get a decent avg.

Neither sig radius nor speed of trig frigs got changed. I have to assume that you didn’t analyse your combat logs or you would see that there is no difference.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

CCP has a bad habit of implementing new content with buffed loot drops to get players to engage in it, then after a while they stealth nerf it without saying anything. That way most players won’t notice it. If they do notice and complain about it here in the forums, the fanboy’s who don’t actually know will all say it’s a case of bad RNG.

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Speaking generally, and note that I haven’t run EC’s since their first couple weeks - what you can get for new loot from new sites goes down, as more players run the sites and flood the market with it.

I was selling EC wreck salvage as fast as I could get it in those first couple weeks; getting close to 1m isk for “Radiation Absorption Thruster” - its down now to around 15k. If that’s the problem - market forces at work, nothing unusual.


I just got 1.600.000 ISK in loot and 4.500.000 ISK in reward for completion. Looks like a badly paying lvl 4 mission. :stuck_out_tongue:
How are you getting 25 mi per site. Is there some item that is dropping, extremely rare?

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you used to almost never get below 20mil in loot/salvage for a site, you can still get upto the max isk as before but it’s more heavily weighted towards low payouts

Right… but what are you using to determine this value? Because if it’s the ‘hover over it estimate’ given in game then as mentioned above:


CCP is notorious for pushing out patches and not saying what was in it.

many times have i opened up my launcher to see it puched some download theres nothing about, or ill be playing eve and my eve icon shows im downloading something with nothing saying anything about the data im being pushed. i play eve with the download everything option so theres no reason why in the middle of a session im being pushed data.

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They tweak settings all the time and generally don’t advertise “economic” changes like that, if any even happened this time, for obvious reason. Here’s why:


They have listed nerfs to drops twice in the three years I have played. Both loot drops nerf were in the first 18 months I plays. I don’t care if they do nerf drops or bounties or pay out but for the love all that is holy, TELL US! I don’t even care if it is after the nerf is done but don’t leave your plays spinning in the wind.

Confirming the Drops have in fact been nerfed, doing these longtime now and its very apparent.