Emerging Conduits Change after 12th November Patch

I have been doing tons and tons if these Conduits and after the 12th november patch they have nerfed the drop rates and by ALOT and also changed the aggro behaviour of the Trig enemies, before they would always be aggro on me and i could tank without problems, but now as soon as a fleet member warps in he gets all aggro, before he could be safe and salvaging without problems.

Also i used to have a Tracking Enhancer on my ship but switched to a Target Painter for sig to test, with Target Painter the Trig enemies kill my drones like mad but with a Tracking Enhancer they never touched my drones…

Does anyone have any information on this or experianced similar?

They focus fire for sure. I lost one of my drekavacs already.

As intended.

By whom?

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The triglavians of course!

They don’t want capsuleers getting rich off their loots and coming back to kill them even easier so they increase the risk by focusing their strategy and reduce the reward by not leaving as much value in their cargo.

Them triglavians are smart thinkers and learners.

I do experience a drop in loot recently, sometimes not even a drop of database.
It’s still a lucrative activity in highsec, maybe only second to incursions, but not that good anymore.

If they where so smart , they wold not invade our space as a start xD

Maybe they are here to steal exotic dancers. :wink:

The more people do those activity, the more items get to market. Price fall down even though the amount of loot is the same.

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that majority of the isk is from selling database to npc buy orders. These buy orders are unlimited and the prices don’t change.

Sure, the salvage and other misc loot value falls… but that is probably only 5% of the total isk from running these sites.

Last time I did those sites (a while ago) majority of isk was from salvage materials… Red loot was scarce.

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