Conduit loot drops

100mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates 1 Armor Reinforcer Low 5 m3 7,104.40 ISK
Calm Gamma Filament 1 Abyssal Filaments 0.10 m3 100,010.58 ISK
Gravid Assault Damage Control Mutaplasmid 1 Mutaplasmids 1 m3 28,518.29 ISK
Phased Muon Scoped Sensor Dampener 1 Sensor Dampener Small Medium 5 m3 24,660.67 ISK
Unstable Large Ancillary Shield Booster Mutaplasmid 1 Mutaplasmids 1 m3 881,483.96 ISK

Can the CSMs please ask about why the conduit loot drops have been nerfed so heavily? The loot drop above is from an Emerging Conduit. There is reason that an activity as dangerous as conduits have such a horrible loot drop table.

And then there are some that drop 30mil in loot. 1 is not a valid sample size for this complaint.

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And how much was the salvage? You know the “payment” for conduits and all things triglavian. A salvager I or II and salvage drones may increase your payouts a bit.

The salvage was less then 2M isk.

I am not have any loot drop over 10M from the conduits but I might just be getting really bad RNG. The loot drop in the first post is the worst i have ever seen and it needs to be looked into.

nobody cares. Make at least 10 runs before even thinking about complaining about RNG.


I keep a running tally of my loot drops and my running average over the last couple hundred Conduits is still about 15 mil per site between the bounty payment and the report drops.

Sometimes you’ll get 3 or 4 in a row with nothing, then you’ll get 30 mil worth of reports drop from 1 site.

Try harder.

Came across this thread by chance. And I think I can clear the confusion up.

When I first began running ECs, I had made detailed spreadsheets of my income so I could try and calculate the ISK per hour and compare it with other forms of work. After finding out it was quite lucrative, I eventually stopped recording and just ran ECs like anyone else.

Then what I call the “November Incident” happened. One day in November, ECs vanished globally for several hours. Now I know this wasn’t just a fluke or anomaly because help chat was flooded with, “Where did all the ECs go?!” questions, suggesting it was a global thing. But after a few hours they came back online and things went back to normal. Hypernet had launched that week so I had assume it was just a passing bugged caused by that.

A few days later someone mentioned in passing that it felt like their rewards had dropped a lot. So remembering that first dataset I had from before “the incident” I decided to record a second dataset now, after the incident, and compare the two to see if there truly was a change or he was imagining it. Spoilers: There was a change.

Before the incident: Avg. 28 mil per EC payout
(sample size: 20 runs)
After the incident: Avg. 14 mil per EC payout
(sample size: 32 runs)

Note that payout here assumes all loot is obtained, all wrecks salvaged, that all items were sold at Jita prices, and rewards were not divided or diluted with other players.

I know the above values are hardly the most robust or large sample sizes, but I think they’re large enough to strongly suggest there was a significant change – especially given the massive gap between rewards before and after.

Now I’m not here to try and argue whether or not the changes were justified, rather I’m merely trying to clarify that there’s stronger evidence than simply anecdotes to suggest a stealth nerf did in November.

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