CSM XX Candidate Tags

CSM Candidates should have “CSM XX Candidate” tags to increase their visibility and basically encourage forum users to give their posts more scrutiny, check out their forum activity page, etc. The tags would appear identically to how existing tags are displayed. Example:
If an existing CSM member is running for re-election, it would display both tags: CSM and CSM XX Candidate.

The tags would appear whenever a candidate announces their candidacy for the upcoming or following CSM, and would be removed when candidates end their campaign, are disqualified for the upcoming CSM, or are not elected. Notice I indicated “XX” as part of the name: that’s because some candidates may be running for the following CSM rather than the upcoming CSM. So there would be, for example, a “CSM 15 Candidate” and a “CSM 16 Candidate” tag. This is particularly important because some players may be running for the following CSM VERY early on, so by indicating the CSM number it is clear that they are in fact campaigning early. Right now it is too late to announce candidacy for CSM 15, but not for CSM 16 - these candidates should have increased visibility going forward.

In order to be assigned these tags, campaigners should indicate which CSM they are running for (if ambiguous or if someone announces their candidacy after the cutoff, forum mods should inquire in their campaign threads). This shouldn’t be too much work for forum mods to check when new candidate threads appear or when campaigns discontinue, and the little added effort has a huge impact on increasing visibility, especially for “the little guys” who aren’t part of major alliances or aren’t streamers, etc.


@CCP_Aurora please tell me you like this idea :upside_down_face:

:frowning: I was hoping these would be tags that dropped from their ships whenever they were destroyed in-game.


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Thread re-opened by request.

ISD was kind enough to reopen this thread for me on request :slight_smile:

A few months ago I emailed the community team about whether it would be acceptable to create a CSM campaign thread early for the next election, and Dopamine himself replied indicating that this was acceptable - there is no restriction as to how early someone can announce their candidacy for the upcoming election on the forums. As I’ve been working hard putting together my CSM16 campaign (campaign team, platform, website, etc), I’m getting close to ready to posting my thread, but I’d like to follow up on on my proposal on this thread first.

@CCP_Aurora has recently been playing with a bunch of Discourse changes that have enabled users to sport titles next to their names (like the Veteran badge next to mine) based on badges they’ve earned. This suggests that custom CSM16 Candidate badges can be created - with self-assignable titles - and manually assigned to users who announce their candidacy at any time (per Dopamine) so they can raise their visibility on forums, thereby making other users aware that they are interacting with a candidate. It would be immensely helpful if this feature were implemented ASAP so that those who campaign early such as myself will be able to take advantage of this feature. Since badges with self-assignable titles is a native Discourse feature, this should be peanuts to implement.

@CCP_Aurora you asked me to ping you so REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I like it! I might not be able to take a look at this until next week but I’ve added this to my to-do list to look into when I have a spare little chunk of time.


Thank you! I plan on formally announcing my candidacy soon so I really hope this gets implemented ASAP :heart:

Hijacking thread to request that we also get enforced corp/alliance tags for all posters.

Lucas, we used to have those tags in the previous forums.

When this forum went online they said it would be better if the corporation and alliance tickers were off.

I would appreciate it if you would create a separate thread for your request instead of discussing it on this one since your request has literally zero relevance to this thread.

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I would say it’s pretty relevant to know which ingame group a certain CSM candidate came from. What are you trying to hide?

You can always go in-game and punch in someone’s name in the search bar on the upper left to pull up their info window to examine their current corp and corp history. More conveniently you could go to evewho.com and punch them in out of game to see the same information. This is public info accessible both in game and out of game via ESI and 3rd party tools. It is impossible to conceal this information. This is not an intel concern. Besides, CSM have to disclose affiliations when running, especially if running as an alt for which they have a more reputable main (it’s a requirement).

Again, I reiterate my request that you take this idea of yours into its own thread as it has ZERO relevance to this one.

I reject your position and it only affirms my belief that you are hiding something. It very much is an intel concern and you are clearly colluding with CCP to keep your deep state agenda from the light of the forums.

We need full ESI keys for all CSM candidates.

The original idea is a good one,

the follow-ups are goof ones.

tags would be nice, here in the forums



@CCP_Aurora any update on this?

Someone already announced their candidacy for CSM16. I’d be more inclined to announce my own early if this were implemented sooner rather than later :slight_smile: