Current ISK meta

Hey. Not played in a couple months. What’s the current isk/hour meta like now? Still supercap ratting whatever the hardest sites in a guarded system are? I know people did dread C5/C6 for a bit more than average, but that’s very specialised and relies on a bit too many things for me. Looking to switch from my current 280mil an hour to something better if it’s out there. Ty

I solo C2 and 3’s with a 2.2b Nestor fit about once a week, I usually can pull 3bil or so on average and that keeps me comfortable.

Depends on the salvage, really.

3bil per hour? WH space has always seemed so lucrative with people reporting hundreds of mils per hour in high class WHs with Vindis/dreads.
I’ve never done any ratting myself, is the isk from loot or just bounties mostly?

If you Solo C2 sites you will make less than 280m/h.

I think its really hard to beat 280m/h. What are you doing, T5 Abyss?

You can make 3b/hour soloing low sec incursions with drone assist and 16 char multiboxing.
Drone assist op.

That would only be 187m/hr when viewed per character - and all isk/hr metrics should be per character for transparency and ease of comparison.

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Level 5 missions are 300 to 500 phr, brain dead, low skill, low risk but you do need to have grindded the standing. Due to removal of glamor booster this no longer takes seconds.

Incursion running with 2.5-4bil+ ship fleet. Can be as high as 350mil, but that’s phenomenally rare.

Interesting, i’ve never done any missions before. Are there any current resources you could point me to so that I can look into isk/hours like that myself please?

Look Hateless_Gaming or the Brave Dojo.
Problem are the locals, that will be hunting you.

best ISK I’ve ever seen is (per toon) rorq mining R64 moons with excavators. If you can avoid getting blown up, if you’re on a jackpot moon, and if it’s a 55 day pull. you can snag well over 3 bill worth of raw moon ore (such as Xenotime and even Loparite) in an hour.

I’ve done it, it’s reproducible if you have a rorq, excavs, and access to an R64.

Hell, you can pull half a bill an hour running in a boosted mining barge.

Ratting has taken so many nerfs lately, sentient drops basically suck now, it’s hardly worth it unless you just need a quick burst of ISK.

I don’t know about missioning, I don’t play on rails. Story-driven adventure bores me.

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Thanks for the info. Mining seems to be a little convoluted, with regular mining being completely useless. How easy is getting access to R64 moons? I know that I’d need to be in a null alliance ofc, but even then are R64 moon resources limited within a corp?
Also, don’t you have to fuel mining stations to get moon chunks or whatnot?

station maintenance (fuel) runs to a couple hundred mill a month to run the drill. R64s are the rarest of the rare, you’ll probably find one or two per constellation and the null blocs will either rent them or allow you to mine for a share of what you mine (probably around 30% for an R64 which is still worth it if you can mine it out).

Problem is, everybody and their mother knows precisely where the R64s are and when they’re going to pop. Good luck finding one in the back end of nowhere! :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s a shame I guess. Was thinking about buying a rorq alt at one time The 20% corp tax and lack of availability kinda puts me off that tbh. Thanks though.

No, I def don’t pull 3b an hour lmao

3b per day, or in my case per week since I on average only do this once a week. Sorry if that’s what it sounded like

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