Current & on going Lag Spikes & Connection Issues (Australia)

Screenshot by Lightshot (

Connection Timeout - The client did not initiate the secure-handshake within a reasonable amount of time

Past couple of hours have been constant lag spikes, it got worse until I disconnected. I have been unable to log back in.

My alt in Jita remains (for now?) still logged in (docked in Jita) but It takes 20 - 30 seconds to load & view an item listing.

I was able to contact a friend also in Australia who is currently having the same issues.

Is this wide spread around Australia… or just a handful of us?


Same here im in Australia

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Also from australia and i have tried for the last 3 hours. I managed to login and fly but it kicked me out mid warp and now it wont login at all. And i was in lowsec… It might fix after downtime but this shouldnt be a constant issue.

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Same issues for me. Returning to the game after 6 months and the server is unplayable :(. Maybe its a sign…

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+1 - Same issues for me too and also in Australia.

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Same issues for me, both before and after downtime

Yeah same. It’s unplayable.

Yes, all afternoon and evening in Perth

Not much better this morning.
Takes ages to actually log in, bad lag after transitioning through Gates.

Started again as of approx. 10H00 WAST Australia.
Ages to get to logged in status and then very laggy