Current State of the Market (Fees, Modification Timer, Bots)

God you are lazy.


What ever you do, BOTS can do it better and faster! What ever you do to stop bots, players will suffer more. Only one course of action is : ban bots but you can’t do that either, so what’s the plan ? You have to make it costly to lose char if you get caught! Guess what ccp did :slight_smile: They made system where char has no value, you get banned, you get mommy credit card, build same char in matter of minutes. I dont blame CCP, they want money and they are getting it.

The problem here is you. You’re trying to use a game indicator that’s no more than a rough idea based on a crappy system of estimated values to get some sort of accurate data.

You’re looking at the sun as a glow behind the clouds on a stormy day and expecting a digital readout of the time.

Learn to estimate your own value, or deal with a crappy erratic estimate.

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If things are lower in value I probably don’t want to sell them anyways, so looking up the price on everything isn’t going to happen.

I don’t know about accuracy but I believe the net worth calculator is usually consistent, and its value seems to reflect changes I make daily. I believe the point I was making about it was it would be nice to see it improved, or at least tell me how its making its calculation.

If your answer is “too calculate it myself” please don’t bother to answer that isn’t going to happen, and if that brings you joy in EvE, then have at it.

Its a five minute job ffs.

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