Broker relation price change idea

the 0.01isk minigame is gone, and instead we have new, and even more annoying minigame called small orders

for those who dont know:
change price price scales with ammount, so you will pay a lot more for changing order of 10 items compare to order of 1 of the same item, so the minigame goes like this:

  1. put small amount on the market
  2. check if someone beat you in price
    3a. no->go to step 2
    3b. yes
    4a. update the order->go to step 2
    4b. (cant, less than 5min) go to step 1

this update ment to elliminate 0.01 wars, (it did) and get rid of botters, well… i just gave you a set of simple repettitive commands, go figure what is good at following those

SOLLUTION: make the price of modifing decreese over time logarithmicly from 5min costing 2x of current price down to 1/5 of current price after 2days

I don’t see this as annoying. Smaller orders are more likely to complete sooner than larger orders, so I’m fine waiting for those 6 Warp Disruptor IIs selling in front of mine.

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still bot can do it better, cause it requires constant attention

annoying or not, it counters long term investments that ment to get better based on what ccp said

I don’t really care if a “bot can do it better”. That’s a problem for CCP’s security team to handle.

How does it “counter” long term “investments”?
Are you just saying words that you think make you appear smarter?

If you actually cared about “the long term”, you would taking the time to figure out the market price for an item where your good will sell, list it, and then forget about it for “the long term”.

Here are some of my long term “investments”.

They were all listed for the full 90 days, and I haven’t touched them almost 2 months. They’re still selling fine because I took the time to price them appropriately back before the change, and they’re still doing fine even now, after the change.

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easy XD

here you surprised me, i have a friend thats complaining about how much he needs to pay for modfing his orders which he does once every few days
if you dont touch your orders than ok, its not affecting you, and i bet you are better in those than i am.

recently they have a strategy of making it harder to make bots, instead of just banning, and that was one of the motives for those changes and they failed, at least from my perspective theuy didnt make it harder

Except they did.
A bot mindlessly fighting for the lowest price is still going to burn all their profit now. You have to also know when to leave your price alone now, since changing price matters. So… It is harder for a bot to make a value judgement on if changing price is worth it than a human.

it would still spread market modifications

You “friend” is bad at the market pvp game. Don’t take feedback from him.

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The fact that his gameplay is different than yours doesnt mean its wrong, as far as i know he has success on the market. From what i understand, we play on the market in three different ways (me, you, and him). the fact that for you it doesnt make much of a difference how much you pay for change order doesnt mean that my change wouldnt be beneficial for the rest.

I guess we will see, cause i guess what you say is about old bots trying to work on the new market, if you set minimum bellow which bot wont go i doubt it will burn its profit by changing in the long run, but maybe you’re right.

Still, you didn’t say that this change wouldn’t be for the better
Do you think that this change is completly unnessesary and it wouldnt encourage players to have more patience?

Traders tend to rely on high volumes to profit from the relatively small difference between buy and sell pricing. The relist fee is designed to rapidly erode any profit potential from working the buy/sell spread. Eve will become more of a producer market as people respond to the change in incentives.

The goal isn’t to make bots impossible, just to make them unprofitable.

Yes, i 100% agree with it and i think they are still profitable after an upgrade to the new market

change is fairly new, so i expect them in a week or two from now

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