Current user sytem not in local chatlog anymore

Ok so this is not specifically API related.

Last two weeks I was busy buidling something similar to near2/Taco but as a web application that can run locally and which displays the warning messages via Discord. However I just returned from a weekend holiday and it appears the current system can no longer be retrieved from the local chatlog file (the system and system update line are no longer there in the newer files). Is this temporary and will it be put back? I would like to avoid using the ESI API for something that can be taken from a text file (it was perfect the way it was before). It also makes the application more difficult to install for less technical people. Not everyone understands how to create or use the API keys (weird but true, i helped quitte a few people who didnt understand how to do it themselves).

Looking forward for a dev reply.

API keys are dead in less than a month. Best option would be to start coding it to use ESI (which uses SSO, not keys) and poll the user’s location once in a while.

Yeah, gonna put the project on hold for a while and see if its added again in the future. If not then i’ll take the two weeks work for wasted. Not interested spending more time and risking more time wasted on something that worked so simple before and could have worked completly locally.

You can do this… I had to make some changes to SMT with the new chat system as the string formatting had changed slightly… I can track location both with and without ESI…

Thanks CCP!

@Slazanger, no it was completly gone for a bit but it seems to be added again! So I picked up the project. Made a messageReader class this week and will now start with the part that will read the directory. Guessing I’m about half way with the basic functionality now. I’ll put everythingin a public repo on github once its finished

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