Please remove the channel change notices in local, it is annoying

Im not sure why we need to know that we changed systems because ive never changed a system and looked at local to see where i am but rather the upper left corner of the screen where it tells me exactly where i am.

This notice amounts to junk spam in local, so can we please have an option to opt-out of such notices added to the chat options?

If it is easier an option to opt out of all such notices would even work.

Opt out option maybe. But it makes life much easier parsing logs after a fleet or event etc to know which chat happened in which channel.
And yes people do that.

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Logs knew that in the past as well. The Local chat logs always contained the system change message. Ingame, however, you only saw the most recent change unless chat took place, then you saw the last system change notification, then the chat and then a new system change notification which updated until new chat appeared. That was much more convenient ingame because it would not scroll actual chat out of the chat window by spamming these notifications.

Yup, the way it is now sucks. Probably forced on us as a result of the chat server change.

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Hmmmm, They didn’t used to back when I did things with them, but that was quite some time ago. So must have been some changes since then.

For the love of all that is good and holy, please yes!


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