Customizable Market Ticker

It would be Helpful for players to Customize Market ticker

More important than customizable would be accuracy. Even in Trade Hub regions, prices are off by a lot. An Orca in Amarr/Ashab costs at the lowest 765 million, in the ticker 790 million. Intact Armor Plates 4.97M in the market, 4.6M in the ticker. Nitrogen Isotopes 712 in the market, 737 in the ticker, and even funnier the trend graph in the ticker shows a sharp uptick in price when in fact the price is falling.

As it is, the ticker is useless.

Ah I guess this was a Bad Idea

From my understanding it’s because in their infinite wisdom it goes based off the most recent filled order from anyplace in the region including private markets.

This was how it was explained to me so it could very well be wrong

It is Possible Ticker gets the Price from every Station

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