Customize the players' territory.More decorations for players' buildings

There should be more customization for players’ territory especially on decorations.For example,decorating the buildings like Christmas Tree for Christmas or hanging the garden lantern for Asian festivals.
The function that permit players to decorate their buildings will increase the sense of belongs and make the Universe more colorful.

The tree and lanterns you suggested would have been nice in the captins quarters we no longer have. On the outside of the station/structures, theyd never be seen. Not even when docked. Theyd be smaller than a pixel.

There’s a lot of ■■■■ that EVE needs. What you suggested isn’t one of them…

CCP announced at EVE Down Under there will be some new structures that can be customized to do some of the things you’re suggesting.

Did they consume alcohol prior to saying that? Alcohol is known to impair judgment.

Fear not, citadel skins are nigh.

But we already have a flying christmas ornament… it’s called the Praxis. :upside_down_face:

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