Cybernetic & Drug Re-Design

I’d like to propose a system where the old drugs and cybernetics in game are phased out and a new system be created, where players can design the benefits of their implants regarding stat and skill boosts and even create diminishing returns or loss of implant slots.

I know there maybe some issue with having specific items created in game in terms of blueprints and items created, however if a new sub system were to be created where the resulting design was then applied to a character.

Alternatively if people did want something which was manufactured
you could design the new generation of implants to work similar to ships, where they have modules where you can input the desired effects into slots.

drugs could also work the same way allowing players to create their own new designer drugs.

drugs / implants have effect slots similar to how ships have modules.
make the item consumeable / useable
when used apply effect.

this would help change the rate of demand within the existing gas markets and would additionally create a way for players to interact with each other socially within corps and alliances, helping spawn new play styles and sub careers within the game.

So how is this functionally different from “add a bunch more slots for drugs/implants and add stacking penalties to them?” The drugs especially sounds like a nightmare to deal with inventory/coding wise.