Cyno disabling mod

I have been ganked far too many times by 5/10 ppl jumping on a covert cyno without being able to do anything about it.
( Actually the edencom covert sites of the current event look like nothing else but a gift to gankers … )
I do not know if this has already been discussed before, sorry if it has.

It would be great to have an option to forbid a ship from starting its cyno, like the scrambler forbids from using the microwarp drive. The cyno inhibitor is not an option to me, dont know if any1 in the game is using it …

Would be happy to hear players thoughts,

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Idk, maybe warp away? Or maybe bring some friends and kill them?


Plenty of people use it, especially for killing caps

Also, I’ve also been killed by gankers in edencom sites and it does suck, but you could always try to complete the sites when there’s no neutrals in system

I am sorry Nepsy, you missed the part where I was asking for players thoughts. ‘No’ is neither an answer nor a thought. Why no ?

This has to be a troll post.

“I can’t whine about how much I want perfect safety when ratting because of cloaky camping (since my thread will just get closed), so I’m going to whine about the covert cyno instead!”


damn, such aggressivity against a simple question …

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What question?

You didn’t ask a question. You asked for discussion and other player’s thoughts on the subject…

There might have been too many words before.

I don’t see a question there.

I see a suggestion for a garbage idea from a coward who wants to keep krabbing in safety without paying attention.

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Ok, let’s phrase it like that then:

It would be great to have an option to forbid a ship from starting its cyno ? like the scrambler forbids from using the microwarp drive.

Would be happy to hear players thoughts ?

No. No it would not.

Yes, but you don’t seem to be able to handle it.

If there were such a module, then it would be mandatory fleet doctrine and no one (on either side) would ever be able to jump in on a cyno during fleet battles…

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There is nothing to handle, no is the answer of a 2 year old child.
Why No ?

That’s not how it works.

You’re proposing a change to the status quo. It’s on you to show why we need it.

btw, you being afraid of ganks is not a good reason to implement something into the game.


Now that is an answer. Thank you

Considering the cycling time of the cyno. it would be a matter of which one is triggering its mod the first no ? It would imply having a fit that allows for lock and start the fastest.
If the ganked one is the slower locking then he will be ganked anyway which is good cause it will still give way to all parties. I mean fitting to lock fast is a commitment that does not usually go neither with a ratting fit nor a fleet fit

I wouldn’t fit this module myself, but I don’t see why it would be a terrible idea - you can only block a ship’s cyno if you have them target locked - that doesn’t seem very scalable to massive fleet engagements. Besides, the module will probably be a cap hungry midslot item with limited range. What would be the harm in letting somebody who is THAT afraid of cynos to fit some limited counter?

Nullsec krabbing bots that have a script set up to activate this module whenever hunters try to use covert cynos to gank them.

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I see your point, I was not looking at it this way.
You are mainly thinking of cap ( or even BS ) bots thought I assume ? which by definition would be slower to lock no ?

It doesn’t matter?

Well that would not allow them to escape. They would still be ganked as being the slower ones to lock