Disallow Cyno if Any Module is Running

As the title says, don’t allow any of the Cynos to start a cycle if any other module is already cycling.

Especially EWar and Warp Scram/Disrupt

Since I usually run from a lit cyno, why not?

It can’t be literally any module. Tanking a HIC completely passively seems like a, um, bad idea… especially after the resists changes.

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The primary reason is to prevent someone from starting a warp scram, disrupt or web and then also opening a cyno.

That should be two ships jobs, too much for one ship.

under that logic than activating weapons and a scram module is too much for one ship…

But honestly did you have trouble finding the “one line bad idea” thread?


Umm… no. lol

You are comparing weapons with an incoming fleet?

no im comparing your statement about a cyno not being able to be on with any scram/disruptor…

Except being able to do that is the whole point about Force Recon ships.


This change you propose would mean force recon ships would be useless. That’s a hard pass from me.

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and i suppose logis should not be able to provide remote rep AND use dps drones? command dessies to boost AND do dps or boosh? ceptors to tackle AND do dps?
why the hell do you think your idea is good?

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No that is not by design at all.

A Parrot

I think this is a somewhat erroneous conclusion. It’s definitely not all a Force Recon can do, but it is one of their primary uses at this point.

why? cyno got already nerfed to ■■■■ with the cyno changes. Now you don’t bother about cyno for most of the ships that can’t fit it anymore.

Cynos are limited to ships that are predominately EWar focused. Having one of their roles explicitly prevent them from fulfilling the other seems entirely counter-intuitive. Not to mention that cynos come with enough penalties for the ship lighting them as it is.

-1. If you get tackled by a lone recon and can’t kill it before they drop a fleet on you, that’s your fault.

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