Cyno disruptors

So we have mobile cyno jammers.
But can we have mobile cyno disruptors that are faster to deploy and a bit cheaper?

Instead of preventing a hostile jumping to the area they just cause the jump top have drift,
By drift I mean that anyone jumping to the area where one is could end up anywhere between 100km and say 1 whole system off. T

This would spice up pvp and the super umbrella/raider mechanics a bit. Atm it feels like some areas of space are a bit too safe for certain groups of well-organised players who have over time refined their ability to deal with current mechanics. And its now time to introduce a bit of a curve ball to the status quo

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Or Alternatively a module/ module and ship hull.
either it has to be well-timed or it has to lock on to a potential cyno fast and be active like a ECM module.

why not just kill the cyno ship before the blob lands?

because why not add another level to the meta?
If you can pop the cyno fast enough (which is very very hard) then the content is over. It gives no give or take. Thats the entire point. The meta has now reached a point thats there’s no grey area. It’s either the cyno ups and blob lands in a 10 second window or the cyno dies and the target dies. It’s become so black and white now just because over time people have perfected how the mechanics work. Thats why we have seen stagnation in that side of the game.

Whereas if you had a cyno disruptor that just changed the current status quo a bit it opens content back up. Both sides still get a chance at their goals. The attacker gets some potential extra time unhindered or some control of the battlefield. And the Defenders can still land within range and time to make a difference. It just changes the status quo and adds layers to combat mechanics. And why would anyone not want that.

not sure if it’s still the case, but I seem to remember if your cyno died while you were mid jump, you landed at the Sun or some random spot between where the Cyno was and the edge of the system in the direction of the system you jumped from.

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