Revert Cyno changes but decrease jump range significantly (70 - 80%)

Revert cyno changes but lower the jump range on capitals significantly so that you can jump a maximum of lets say 1/4th or less of what the maximum range now is. Aswell as lower the cyno active cycle to 3 minutes.

This will add much more risk to jumping around with captials as you have to jump more often and possibly through hostile territory. The reduced cyno time is to make it still possible to move around at a decend pace (chaining - no fatigue) to prevent it becoming to much time consuming for freighters. And also making it cost more cyno fuel on the other end.

Tis change will also reduce the umbrella coverage and umbrella response size. Creating more balanced fights and affecting larger blocks more then small blocks. Yes you can focus your umbrella to a small area but this amount of focus will not be sustainable for ratting/mining by the current anomaly spawn rates. A small faction which has less space will be more focused by nature and would have a similar defense.

This will create much more balance, more interesting fights and responses, while effecting different block sizes proportionaly.

yet another half thought out idea that screws small groups making large groups more powerful.


Can you explain how that is bad for small groups? Or do you just need to fire off an idea without actually putting some arguments to the table? This is actually more balancing umbrella coverage and response size to more equal sizes.

ignoring the reasons why it wouldn’t help with the larger umbrellas your idea does not exist in a bubble.

Where did you come up with these numbers?

Looking at my jump range and what would be like 1/4th of that. Having to jump more times it makes sense to me that the cyno duration would be reduced quitte a bit aswell, so freighters don’t have extreme time added to multiple jumps. Nice side effect is that it would cost more cyno fuel although i doubt that would pack a punch.

Doesn’t make sense to me.
Why are you using your own personal numbers as representative of what should happen to the whole game overall?

Its an idea not exact math.

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