Cyno Vigil for Fallen Capsuleer - Stewnod

With great sadness we recently received news that Stewnod - one of our fellow Womplings and friend to many - passed away on April 6, 2023.

Stew was an excellent Wompling and more importantly, an excellent human and we will miss him.

We’ll be holding a cyno vigil for him on Sunday 16th at 19:00 Eve time in O4T-Z5 (Paragon Soul) at the Keepstar.

Diplomatic access is available to anyone who wishes to attend (Guns-R-Us Toy Company is part of Sigma Grindset and affiliated with the Imperium).

Please reach out to Rexan Darkstar, Silvinho Estranho, or myself Baron Alex Franklin, should you need access to attend. Safe passage through the Imperium to attend the vigil will be guaranteed.


Always sad news to hear a Capsuleer has traveled on to Golgothan Fields…

May his spirit forever fly as your wingman…


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