Cyno Vigils

I know nothing about cynos, but with the recent (presumed) loss of a fellow player, I’d like to light a cyno in his memory. Are such cynos indefinite? If not, how long will they last, assuming no one attacks them? On that note, is there a way to mark a cyno as a vigil, on the chance other players will respect it? I realize not everyone will.

I’m in no mood for sarcasm, criticism, or trolling answers.

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Good luck with that.

To light a cyno you need the proper skills with the proper ship. Look it up on the EVE University site.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

2 minutes per cycle, repeating (optional) until you run out of fuel.
Generally vigils are announced and the community responds. Not too long ago brave had a cyno vigil for suicide awareness due to a rl loss. Friends, enemies, neutrals all showed up with respect.
The community can be toxic sometimes, but it’s usually in fun. Something serious like a player dying usually brings people together, regardless of affiliation.


Additionally, there is the Molea memorial site, if you care to anchor a can in memory.

If you wish, let us know if you want others to attend vigil there in honor.

While cynos arent allowed in high-sec, I’m sure fireworks could be brought in tribute.

Reach out if you need to.

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