What non space thing did you do today?

I took a trip back to Caldari Prime, visited the Kaalakiota mountains. Did some hiking and rock climbing.

It was really nice.

Spent some time on a summit with Cold Wind. Felt good to feel it upon my face and reconnect.


I went to a Liberation Games party on the audience side with my siskon [translator: cohort sisters and brothers, members of a clan of the same age] (way to go translator, you did it!) on the condition that they do not spend the entire time to 1) nag at me about retiring or 2) discuss with me the prospects or failings of my son the young chief. Had a blast, now have a hangover.


Your similarly aged relatives are always used by your older relatives as measuring sticks to judge and/or beat you with.

Must be some kind of genetic thing at work or something. Like how siblings, even if childless, become instant experts on the subject of how you are raising your children wrong.


Once again, tended my wind garden. Then took some time to practice my posing routine for the upcoming intergalactic bodybuilding competition being held on Villore.

Finished the day off meal prepping and watching a Splinterz game.

My team lost again.

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I spent more time doing a whole lot of nothing. This isn’t healthy for me.

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I fear I may have lost a friend I hold in high regard. It has been several months since my colleagues and I have heard from him, and this after reports of serious concerns for his health.

Today, I began arrangements to ignite his cyno, either to lead him home or shine in his memory.

" I must go out to the stars again, to the vagrant miner life,
To the rat’s way and the moon’s way where the warp’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over."

Rest in Peace, Ash.


I made some traditional Thukker vodka by blending the ethyl-alcohol refrigerant used in my Stabber’s air conditioning system with some native Matari herbs and berries. Just like the ancestors used to make it.


I taught some of my cousin’s pre-school age children how to make farty sounds with their hands.

My cousin did not find this as amusing as her children did.


Enjoyed my first glass of blood red wine in almost 10 months, while having a well deserved day off from being a mother of twins


To settle an argument at the university with a social sciences professor, I engaged in a mud wrestling challenge.

I prevailed despite being subjected to several fishhooking fouls.

I have to say. Wow. That Kaztropolitan certified non-toxic safety sports mud sure is non toxic. And safe too !


This, sounds AMAZING!

Sign me up!

I started my new job as waitress at Cafe Marlinea in Mehatoor.


I found a long-lost shipment of my homemade wine near the hangars aboard the Sahtogas IV station! It surely didn’t age within the bottle but definitely good wine!


I was cleaning my long-neglected quarters this morning. While taking out the trash, I discovered someone had very nearly broken out an airlock window. Most of my morning was spent speaking with CONCORD and the station management about the damage. The offender remains at large, last I heard.

Binge watching holoreel series like 4 Atrons and a Tristan or Wayward - One system at a time.
Volume set to loud. With a plush Yak to keep me company and having some dried and pressed seaweed with sesame.


Slept in! That was sooooo nice.

Also it was my cheat day. The chocolate cake didn’t stand a chance!


Went to a BBQ


Yesterday after church, I went shopping with a friend. Saw this very daring1 dress that I half jokingly suggested she might like.
Somewhat to my surprise she agreed and went for it.

1. By daring I mean that the neckline wasn’t just plunging slightly, it plunged far enough that not only did it show the navel, but would also show if the wearer shaved. Quite scandalous really.


I went Shopping with a friend and was Persuaded to try on a Dress that was very Revealing, and required the use of Cosmetic Adhesive Tape and Wishful Thinking to stay On.

It Had Pockets. Which was Nice.


In the past few days I’ve been visiting New Caldari for the first time in my life: The Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center, Landfall Shrine and I’ve been endurance running* in the surrounding parklands. I also took a few sauna’s and did some swimming.

* I mentioned I do a lot of endurance running in an earlier post (perhaps my first in this thread) which was deleted for some reason. It helps me keep a healthy body and mind. Some days I run until I can run no more. Some days I can not run at all, and these are the worst.