EvEr an adventure

I had fun today. I do most days. And today that involved some EVE.
Initially the day was boring, there was no ice to mine.

So I turned my thoughts to R&D, something I’ve never understood. That happened by chance, because I was collecting shuttle blueprints to begin making shuttles. And in the station I landed in I spotted my very first R&D agent, that I remember. And one thing lead to another.

First I couldn’t get the agent to talk to me, so then I did the old Right Click, Show Info. Which showed me I had to learn about building Nanites or Amarr ships. Which I did. Then I learned that I had to log off and on to get the R&D agent to recognize that I had learned the skills.

I quickly amassed a squad of four researchers. Then I learned that as I increased my skills that matched their research skills they would increase their Research Points earned for me per day, but I had to make sure to talk to them as my skills increased, luckily I didn’t have to travel to each one. I would dial them up and they would say I had to visit them, but then they would increase my RP per day in my Journal, they must do a skill check on me with each interaction. I shall soon flood the market with Amarr Ship Datacores, in a year or two.

As part of all this I bought a bunch of skill books and gained 21 skills to level 1 or higher. A busy school day.

Then I had to buy one more shuttle blueprint. A Minmatar shuttle, I don’t think I will ever sell one, they look like a cross between a TV antenna and a mosquito.

The blueprint was in .4 space!

Not my cup of tea at all.

However I suited up in my shuttle and headed over to pick up my last blueprint. And it was quite a nice trip. I waved hello to a Russian as I went past his ship, but he was probably watching the World Cup. I wandered past some empty citadels, one was low power and looked very shabby. Another was For Sale. Good luck with that.

Then I landed at the station which had the Minmatar shuttle blueprint and found another blueprint there in my item locker! A blueprint I had bought six years ago when I first started EVE, but had never got around to collecting.

It was very dusty.

I took them both and headed back to the sunlit lands, and out of the playerless murky depths.

Then I relaxed by searching for a good place to process my various collections of ores and ices.

A very adventurous day. I hope your day was just as exciting.


Nice story, thanks for sharing and may you have much success with your manufacturing career.

A very accurate observation.

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