Cyno Vigil for the fallen

EDIT: Due to the Union of Server Hamsters’ ongoing industrial action, the vigil has been postponed until 01:00 Monday in 1DQ

1DQ, 01:00EVE, September 2.
Yesterday, young Samuel Gideon Riggs sadly shuffled loose the mortal coil. He suffered a seizure which led to cardiac arrest.
He was five years old.
His father reached out through the EVE Online Facebook group asking that we light a Cyno for young Samuel.
A vigil will be held in 1DQ at 01:00 on September 2.
Please try to come along. One of our eve bros is in some serious hurt and in need of our love and support.
Please take a Venture or T1 hauler fitted with a Cyno and pay your respects to the little guy and let his family know that the EVE community feels their pain and sends our love in their hour of need.

Fly safe little man, you will be missed.


o7 Samuel

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My condolences, what a tragedy :cry:

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Just fyi I believe all of 1DQ will be pvp safe for 24 hours surrounding the vigil.

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o7, young Samuel; my deepest condolences to the family.

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My thoughts go out to the parents, can’t imagine anything could hurt worse than losing a child


Due to the server hamster issues, the vigil has been postponed until 01:00 Monday.

07 little dude

Definitely sad tidings…


Well, I tried to. Made the trip out there, BUT - apparently misunderstood the date from Redditt and was immediately podded in my undefended, bare Venture. Maybe take one extra couple of seconds before podding a neutral, non-combat ship entering 1DQ for the next day? Anyway - my condolences. This hit a little close to home, that’s why I made the trip. Very sad.

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yuh, they changed the date to Monday due to the server hamster strike

just a tip, hold gate cloak and spam local with a message to the effect of: “I request safe passage, I’m here for the Cyno Vigil for First Officer Samuel G Riggs, I come in peace, please grant safe passage!”

and yes, it’s beyond sad. My heart near shattered when I saw the news on facebook.

Man - I named my ship after the 1 DQ Vigil, had nearly that exact message on copy paste for the entire 20 jumps through null. But wham upon entering 1DQ. It’s ok, it was going to be a one way trip anyway. I’ll still try to get out there on the right date. Best regards…

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They’ll be far less trigger happy on Monday.

Thanks for showing your support.

So it’s now Monday 9/3 @ 0100?

Hi any one recording this i cant make it but want to show peolke

o7 little one. This is very heartbreaking.

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o7 Little guy. So very sad for your loss.

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