John Bellicose day. Friday April 29th -- An Open Invitation from Brave Alliance

Brave Alliance Invites all pilots of Eve Online to take part in the Annual John Bellicose day on the 29th April 2022.

We will be holding a 24h Cyno vigil in honor of John Bellicose, an inspirational member of the Brave community who sadly lost his life to suicide.

John Bellicose day is a honored tradition held by Brave Alliance. The connections we make in this game are very real and very much a large part of this social game we play. Taking care of yourselves outside the game is important.

We will host the event on our home station Broadcast4Reps in Q-5211 in Pure Blind. We have another station in system that will be freeported & supplied with Cyno equipment & Fireworks for the day of the event.

We would ask that on this day All Brave pilots be welcoming and stay Classy.

Brave will be doing our best to help folks into our staging system. We recommend small cheap things as not all parties in Eve partake in this event. Use caution.

During the 24 hours of this vigil, Brave Alliance will not fire upon neutrals or reds in our space unless fired upon first. We’re all here to have a good time, share some laughs, and remember those who are no longer with us.

So please join us on the 29th of April in Q-5211 in Pure Blind. All are welcome. Shoot fireworks & light a Cyno for the loved ones we’ve lost. They are not forgotten.

This Vigil will run from 23:59 on the 28th April 2022 until 00:00 on the 30th April 2022.

Warm Regards



The closest NPC Station with a clonebay to that location Q-5211 is Tartoken III - Moon 3 - Genolution Biotech Production which is just 5 Jumps.

Sorry for your loss and calming wishes goes out to his family and friends.

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We will also be have a Public Channel for this day called “Cyno Fleet” that any Eve Player will be able to access.

Coalition Communication Resources [Brave Collective]

You will need to set up a core account with brave, however you do not need to provide any ‘scopes’ or access to your account to do so. This account will allow you as a Guest to then be able to access the Cyno Fleet channel

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. . .

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We’ll be active for 24 hours. Stop by, Remember a friend, remember a fleetmate, burn brightly.


7o 7o 7o


(I like the new map, but it’s disappointingly bad at showing numbers. 28 cynos the same size as all those random 1-cyno systems?)

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I tried the old map first time yesterday. So the new map is flat and the old map isn’t ( I hope I got that right, lol ) There are some changes but very few jumped at me other than the flat part.

You may have flattened the new map then, which is an option, but isn’t the default. I think you can flatten the old one too. Anyway, the static size of the circles in the new map is it’s the biggest drawback.

But enough about the map; if you (and anyone else) has the time, come visit the cyno vigil in Q-5211! Fleet is open to everyone!

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So I haven’t tried the old map then but only another version of the new map.
How do I use the old map then?

I would love to go for this event. I hope I can.

R.I.P. John sorry Iwas unable to attend was killed 1 jump away from your memorial service and was clearly marked as to pay respects. Hope you have found the peace you always hoped for and wish you the best on your journey in what comes next. maybe next year I might have the Honour of attending. bon voyage John. :frowning:

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WE FORM BL0B pilot targeted me when I was bouncing between before each gate though I had two alts with me and there was no aggressive engagement. I think my fit was scanned and they saw no value in my 3x procurers.

I also made it out with all 3 and the time I was there was kind of spiritual.

Thank you Brave Collective for the safe passage.

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