Cyno Vigil for Fallen Capsuleer

Hello Everyone.

The Imperium will be holding a cyno vigil in 1DQ1-A on Sunday at 18:15 Eve in memory of our fallen comrade, Hidradenitis Ambramotte, who passed unexpectedly last month. “Hidra” as he was commonly known was a skirmish commander, mentor, and friend to many a pilot across New Eden.

Following the vigil, a procession fleet will then travel to the player cemetery in Molea. Please join us tomorrow in honoring our Eve brother as we celebrate his life.



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Always a sad thing to hear about the unexpected passing of a fellow capsuleer.

May his spirit always be your wingman while traveling the space lanes of New Eden.



o7. May he rest in peace

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I’m sorry to hear about your loss, its never fun to lose a pilot

My condolences to both his ingame and real life families :frowning:


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44 Jumps out trying to get there in a 8.00Au/s Stiletto

/tried to attend but the pipe was not clear.

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Did you inform the locals that you were going to a cyno vigil?

They caught me with a under 2 second warp time, but I didn’t try hard enough like use alts to distract & or check the route.

Do you know if there were any screenshots of the event?

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looks like you weren’t the only one… in the post above, someone from goons killed about 4 ships it looks like, of folks attending the event…

May Hidra’s existence be remembered by many,

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