Czech Low Sec Corps

I found a few people speaking in local I thought were Russian, but someone said they were actually Czechoslovakian. I told him there wasn’t such a country, but he insisted that while he didn’t undertand the language, it was most defiantly what he saw in Prague.

So I went further down into the rabbit hole and decided to see what their corps were.

And I found high sec ones, some guys in the Imperium in null, but oddly for low sec I found almost no variety. Low sec ones were either in Ahbazon or The Citadel.

This seems a bit odd. I’ve seen many English speaking corps all over the place in null, low, and high. Same with Japanese. Same with Russian. Same with German. So it’s not like English speaking corps (which dominate) are everywhere and those who speak other languages cluster.

I’m bit curious if there are any low sec Czech corps that are in places besides those two. Not that I would know since I don’t speak the language, I wouldn’t have any way of knowing what they speak unless I paste a bunch of text from someone and ask my friend.

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