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Rob, swing by our discord bro! We have a ton of content in Null. We are always looking for pilots who are interested in PvP with a splash of everything else.

This is our add:

Some back story:

Our Discord Sever:

Fly dangerous

Hi Rob,

Feel free to drop into the Singularity Recruitment channel in game. If none of the recruiters are online feel free to email them for a chat. I’m sure we have what you’re looking for in game.

Corra o/

Hi there,
Have you thought about WH life? can make some good isk in a short amount of time and spend the rest of your allocated gaming time on your PVP.
We have members online throughout the day on all TZ’s so quite active and the Corp is looking for more PVP pilots as well as Indy etc.

I’m not a recruiter for the Corp but was just trawling through having a butchers at adverts for returning players, If you feel that joining a WH group is something you could be interested in then feel free to join the in game public channel below for a chat with the recruitment team :smiley:

Our channel is 13p


Sounds like exactly what you are looking for is a wh C5 Corp. My Corp, Endless Defiance, focuses almost entirely on small/micro gang brawls in our chain and the occasional wh eviction/ counter eviction. We don’t have to waste our time grinding isk because C5 space gives some of the best isk/hour ratios in the game.

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