Daily Alpha Injector Reset

I would like to suggest changing the Daily Alpha Injector timer from 24 hours to after DT instead. It would be easier to track than having timers or interacting with the injectors to remember how long before I can use them again.

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No. Then that would allow ppl to activate before dt and after dt. 24 hours from use is sufficient

But if someone does that, which imo is fine, they still cant use another injector until after dt again the next day. It just gives a one time usage “bonus” if you can call it that the first time.


They could do that once. Not worth having a meltdown over.

I see no reason for the OP’s suggestion not to be implemented. Everything else in the game is clocked by downtime. Daily injectors might as well be too.

Edit: @Eternus8lux8lucis beat me to it.

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Exactly. You will be able to use the DAI “twice” within a 24-hour time frame once. After that, it’s still 24 hours since it resets after DT. Thanks for the input!

If you keep them in Jita you can inject them from the EVE portal mobile app. Just set a timer on your phone or even create an iOS shortcut.

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Except not all players use Jita, use iOS, or to my point, make personal timers. That wouldn’t be necessary if it resets on DT.

So what happens when DT is removed. Move it back to 24 hrs how it is now. So why change it to be on DT when they are trying to eliminate stuff that is affected by DT

I must be out of loop. Where does it say they are eliminating/planning to eliminate DT?

CCP has been working on that for quite a while, DT use to be for 1 hr, then they got it down to 1/2 hr, then to 20 mins to where now it’s about 5 mins or so.

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And theyve had 2 “NO DT” experiments

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Either way, they can still do a fixed time, probably same time as DT. 11:00 Eve Time.

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