Daily redeeming clarity

Since equinox, I have had a lot of trouble distinguishing what daily I am about to put on which character, and just now redeemed a slew of the boosters and skill points by accident. It was more clear before equinox, could this feature be returned?

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Don’t the colors go back to normal once a promotion is over?

Same issue as mentioned in this other thread: Dragging items from redeem bar in login no longer drags the items

I hope it gets changed back, it was indeed clearer before to see which character you drag your items to.

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So you didn’t read the confirmation message that’s specifically put there to prevent you from doing this?

It’s not about the confirmation message, I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the dragging animation that was there before but is missing now.

Maybe that means you have too many characters, so many that you can’t bother to log in and redeem items the way it was intended to be done in a game where you’re supposed to log in and then play?
Just a thought.

It’s not about characters, you cannot redeem to characters of other accounts anyway. I’m pretty sure they’re talking about the dragging animation that was there before but is missing now.

Yes. From the characters screen. I never used that feature. The client takes you directly in-game to one character now, having to log out to get to the characters screen, promoting in-game redeem window where items are highlighted.
I don’t know if it is the same for other players but that is the way it happens on my PC.

Yea, I turned off that feature when it was added.

I like the log-in screen and music that CCP made for it as they have been doing for decades. I have no idea why CCP wants people to miss it. I’d rather spend time at the log-in screen picking my character than at the launcher.

Anyway, it’s much easier to redeem at the log-in screen than ingame, because it’s a simple drag-and drop to the correct character instead of having to log in to that character and dive into sub menus.

And this ‘drag and drop’ is lacking the animation it used to have, which is a loss of clarity while redeeming.

It may be due to the Equinox expansion. I have noticed a few details missing here and there like sound effects missing, UI resets and other glitches.

Personally I like logging in to a specific character directly by long pressing on them however every now and then I like to be able to log in to the old Character Selection Screen. By default you can’t do that, but you can change it.

  1. Click on the account
  2. Click on Account Settings to the right
  3. Click on Lunch Settings
  4. Change this from “Default (No)” to “Yes”
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each account you have in the launcher

Now, you can long press any character to go directly to them as normal or you can click on the account and click the “Play Now” button and it will launch that account to the character selection screen. And yes, you can do this will multiple accounts at the same time, even Alpha, but obviously you can only log in Alpha’s one accounts at a time. However I still find this useful if I’m checking something on multiple Alpha accounts, as going in and out of the character screen is quicker than relogging the character from the launcher each time.

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I would rather do that. I only go to character screen to hop on an alt.

Thanks for the tip, Sirius!

Yea when you drag now all items are invisible its a bit disorientating.

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