Redeem Window Icon Gone from Neocom

My redeem window icon is gone from the Neocom. I cannot find it. I do not know how to access the Redeem Window without the Neocom.
I cannot redeem my items.
The Characters Screen doesn’t show the Redeem Bar either.
I don’t understand what happened. I didn’t do anything.

Is there something I can do to have it back?

I do not know how to fix your problem, but you can also redeem from the character selection screen if you enable it in the launcher or if you logout to the character selection screen. On the bottom then you can drag single times to the preferred character and redeem.

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It did show it yesterday

Maybe you have accidently redeemed everything already to a character? Or all items expired? → then i think the redeeming windows will not show if they are empty.

If they are supposed not to be empty, i guess you have to open a ticket with CCP.

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I have to come back in a few years when this game is out of Early Access and all the kinks are ironed out.

ha ha ha…

Same problem experienced here. None of the ‘Help’ supplied by CCP is up-to-date since the launcher changed. There is no sign of a redeem window or option.