(Black-Hawk Ellecon) #1

How do I redeem? I used to know but just cant seem to work it out now?

(Nysta Miityew) #2

When in-game, the default hotkey is alt+y to open the redeem window. Otherwise the button for it is somewhere in the in-game menu.

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(Black-Hawk Ellecon) #3

Can’t find it in the menu!

(Retainer of Souls) #4

Inventory/Redeem Items

(Solonius Rex) #5

When you first log in, and youre at the character screen, look at the very bottom. Click on that tab that extends the entire length of the screen. Then drag the items you want to redeem, onto the character you want to redeem it on to.

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(Xuxe Xu) #6