Steam Premium edition

I bought the Premium Edition on Steam during the Black Friday sale, but I don’t see any way to activate it on my account. “Premium Edition” shows up in my DLC list on Steam, but when I log into the game, I don’t see any way to redeem/receive the items.

Hit that menu in the top left, go to Business and Redeem Items should be in there

as Wolfgang Jannesen explained or use the shortcut: ALT+Y

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately no items are in my redeem tab.

I’m guessing the EVE Premium Edition is aimed at new players. It’s not specifically stated, but the promotion does say “START your adventure…” which would indicate new account. Anyway, some Q/A on the steam forums also seem to indicate NEW account.

If you are still stuck with the premium edition being stuck to new accounts, you could always go ahed and create the account, then transfer the items to your other account in a contract.

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