Dakota Supply Inc. is Recruiting. Miners and Truckers Welcome!

I’m bringing my old corp, Dakota Supply Inc. back to life and I need some good people to help. It is based out of the Essence region and focuses on mining, manufacture, and logistics. I am looking to bring on new players as well as experienced ones and this will be an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of mining in a safe place and to get a good reference when you are ready to move on to another corp in low or null sec. Or you can stick around and work your way up to a management position. I would love to have you onboard.

You will get:
Company vehicles and equipment
Weekly pay every Wednesday which includes base pay plus bonuses
Discounts on produced goods

Either respond to this thread or preferably apply directly in game to Dakota Supply Inc.

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what are the job requirements and what is the rate of pay?

At least 3 hours a week of work for the corp and 1 mil base pay plus market bonuses plus the occasional hazardous duty bonus if you have to do something really risky like mine in really really low sec space.

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