Damage module mutaplasmids - the forgotten weapon system

As of current, there are decayed, gravid, and unstable mutaplasmids which drop in all weathers of abyss, for the damage modules for five out of six weapon systems. Energy weapons, hybrids, projectiles, disintegrators, and launchers are all covered, but drones are unfortunately left behind.

There is a discussion that is worth having regarding whether or not drones as a primary weapon system should receive any further power at all, and I have my opinions regarding that, but that is a separate discussion to have. This focuses purely on the basis of providing a possibility for a balanced manner in which to allow the mutaplasmid system to benefit drones.

The primary reason, as I personally understand it, for the lack of mutaplasmids for drone damage amplifier modules is not the drone power question, but rather the fact that these modules have only one "effectiveness’ attribute to roll. This is in contrast to all other damage modules, and all other rollable modules as well. All other damage modules have both a damage and a rate of fire attribute, while drone damage amplifiers have only damage.

I propose two potential concepts:

  1. Rework DDAs to have a damage and rate of fire stat; maintain the overall damage output while dividing that effectiveness between the two attributes.

  2. Create mutas for the drones themselves. This is a little more out there as a concept, and would probably require even more dev hours than splitting the effectiveness of DDAs into two attributes. There are two facts that make this an interesting solution - firstly, there are a lot of attributes to roll on drones, and this can provide some very interesting opportunities for variation/customization, or just interesting gameplay. Secondly, as we all know that drones are ammo (i.e. drones get lost, this is to be expected), this acts as in in-built balancing mechanism for the power gain.

Again, these are very basic zoomed-out concepts, I have not developed the details of these ideas any further than I have indicated here. Feedback is appreciated.



i’d like to see mutaplasmids for ore/ice mining lasers, gas huffers and strip miners (you cant group them anyway so slight difference in attributes wont matter) and for mining upgrades rather than for drones.

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What about using mutaplasmids on drones themselves. They have loads of variables.

I guess they might be too OP though


I really like the second idea, it gets around the issue of Capital Balance (as abyssal DDAs would probably push Supers which already create lots of problems for the games even further into an unhealthy direction), as well as all the other benefits you listed.

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