Drone Mutaplasmids Needs a Re-Think

Hello There! It’s been years since my last post…

Anyway, has come to my attention that it’s REALLY HARD to get 5 mutated drones with similar stats. So here is my suggestion.

Make drone mutaplasmids usable in stacks of 5 in 1 Roll… At least that way we get 5 drones with the same stats! would make sense in my opinion.

I Can’t wait to see my set of 5 drones fly uniformly.

Best regards too all, I have my Tin Hat On LoL


That would be why you either use the market or roll en masse.

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How about: Mutated Drone Reverse Engineering
Get a mutated drone and reverse it into a 5 run BPC with the stats of the consumed mutated drone, that way you can create a set of five drones with the same stats you got from the M
utaplasmid Roll.

you can’t roll en masse because the management of abyssal modules is ■■■■.

It’s actually a pretty good idea to be able to role them singly or in batches of 5.

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