Dark 0rder. - C5 WH & Nullsec - Serious PvP for the Casual Player

Getting our Ice mine on come join us today!!

He be crabbin.

Bump like an orca on the jita undock

Need new faces here… tired of talking to blackknigh lol


72M Character here but still inexperienced :smiley:

Have been almost exclusively playing solo for some time but want a change of pace and your WH corp/activities look appealing.

It would be great if I can talk to one of your recruitment officers.


hey recruitment officer here why don’t you hop into our discord and we can run thru the process with you a 72m tool is very desirable in corporations such as ours i joined Dark .0rder when i had roughly 65m im at 110m now on 1 toon and 35m on another

Recruitment is Re-Opened. Hop into discord today for an interview.

Join Fleet Today!

New streamlined Recruitment process is in effect. Hop into discord and easily join.

Recruitment is open.

Another fight against our Sleepless overlords

Making all the iskies

Tonights Loot. Apply today and get in fleet!

corp xo will make you write essays.

the current title “existence”

Recruitment Open. we have cookies.

What time est do you typically have the most people on? I’m usually on around 4pm -8pm est

We tend to have a lot of guys on between 17:00 - 02:00 Eve time, after that I’m unsure as I’m EU so tend to come off between 00:00 - 02:00. Obviously expand those times outwards on weekends.

Hope that helps @Davidus_Eksha - sorry I can’t be more specific about USTZ and post 0200 Eve time! we do have a big USTZ Presence though.

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We are Recruiting. Hop into our discord and wave in public and a recruiter will get in touch with you.

Time to get paid!

Dark 0rder is Recruiting. Apply Today!

Recruitment is currently open.

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