Dark 0rder. - C5 WH - Serious PvP for the Casual Player

Heh, I do love me a salt farmer. I spoke with Kazkaar earlier this week and he gave me some insight into your corp, but I would love to further speak with a recruiter sometime. Iโ€™m already lurking in your Discord so feel free to contact me at any time. :slight_smile:

Marauder pilots join up

Recruitment is open. Hop into our Discord and ask for a recruiter.

Are we still bumping this post?

Interested in learning more. Sitting in your discord public channel atm.

Fly into the WH

Recruitment is Open

Hi there casuals, I am casually returning to the eve after 9 years I see I have 74mil SP and I enjoyed living in WH, Iโ€™m scouting for some good group of ppl and this seems to be one of them so letโ€™s chat on discord.
thank you.

Were looking at setting up a mining group for our hole. looking for some miners to come join us. There are a few requirements, we want you to be able to run mining barges (t2 preferred). our failure point is if we cant make you 10M isk/hr as a mewbro.

preferred capacity
-having an alt who can be a scanning pilot to get your main in and out as WH life has exciting moments.

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