Dark Magni Lost His 200bil Chremoas to a 20mi Comet! BHAHAHAHAHA

There is an old saying, “it’s not the ship that’s dangerous, it is who’s behind it that makes it dangerous”. And this killmail is a living evidence of it: https://zkillboard.com/kill/73676084/

A Fed Navy Comet worth about 20 million isk, flew by one of the best pilots “Sniper Bros15” in the Blackrise area, obliterated a +200 BILLION isk one of a kind Chremoas flew by a weakling pilot called “Dark Magni”. By now, if not all pilots in Blackrise, most know Dark Magni as a bad/brainless pilot that always fly super bling ship and think he’s good becaue of it. The dude got no skill but just too much isk. And the killmail is the result of that. When a noob with bling goes up against a poor pro, that is usually the result of such a fight. This is why you don’t have to be rich to be competitive… you just have to good at what you’re doing…

RIP Dark Magni. I bet he’ll uninstall Eve Online after that loss… or re-roll a new character to save face… haahahhahahaa


After looking at Dark Magni’s Chremoas fit, I think that’s a dumb fit. only 1 medium shield extender for defense?? Where is the damage control? At least fit a module to increase shield resistances!! for ■■■■ sake, this dude is really bad at fitting as well. Dark Magni, you should go back to flying the 5mil frigate until you get good before flying bling frigate again… for your own sake.


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