What ship and skill will it take me to kill this guy

I know its petty I know its probably going to end in my death but I just would like to know what ship/module and things I should get to hunt this guy down. The killmail is below, it should show his ships and modules.

I also would like to ask if this is possible or probable. He killed me in an unarmed astero with no way to get away. I don’t mind that, whatever but I do want some form of revenge.

Sorry for the newb question (old character returning after a long time away) but trying to learn from your experience…

Why can’t I see anything regarding the aggressor in the killmail (other than the ship was a Pilgrim and he used a smart-bomb)? I see your complete load-out and even get a link to build your fit in Eve Workbench - but no info on what killed you. Is this intentional? How do you rebuild and defend against an unknown?

Oh I don’t know if its possible. I am very new and haven’t done this before. I know he used a bunch of drones but nothing else. Sorry if you can’t. Is there any fit that people generally use for pilgrims?

The most powerful ship in the game is the friendship. Try that.

Bring a couple of other guys with you. Maybe in stealth bombers or cloaky cruisers or something. One of you flies a bait explorer, when he decloaks, everyone else decloaks and kills him.


I might do that. He was cloaked and was pretty decent so not sure how much gear we will need but I have a couple billionaires I could rope up.

I like the pilgrim a lot, and have some experience with it. Pilgrims are cloaky cruisers that rely on drones (5 mediums) for dps and will typically have 3 medium energy neutralizers to suck the capacitor dry from their target. The extra strength and range on their neuts (20km optimal for T2) means they can suck a frigate dry instantly, and put significant capacitor pressure on a cruiser. In a 1v1 setting, this neut pressure makes pilgrims very difficult to kill without overwhelming force, as they can often turn off any warp disruptors/scrams and escape.

Solo PVP pilgrims generally fall into 2 categories: Armor brawling or shield kiting. The guy that killed you presumably was brawling, as he killed you with smartbombs. The weakness of both types is that the dps on a pilgrim is poor in comparison to other covops cruisers that are used for solo wormhole hunting (stratios, legion, proteus, loki, tengu).

To kill a brawling pilgrim like that solo, you’d want a large amount of dps and excess capacitor to prevent him from turning your modules off and escaping. A buffer fits for the stratios, HAM legion or blaster proteus could all work.

Practically speaking, you’re unlikely to run into him flying the same ship any time soon (it doesn’t look like he’s camping specific wormholes), or anyone else solo roaming wormholes in a pilgrim as their dps is low and unlike all other cloaky cruisers they have no probing bonus. If you want revenge, it’s probably going to be a chance encounter somewhere else in completely different ships and circumstances.


Oh alright ty then. It’s fine now but I was quite salty at the time when I posted this. I doubt I will go after him anymore especially since I wont be able to find him anyway.

One hint, if solo, he can only point you 4-5s after decloak, so you have plenty amount of time to escape any decloaking ship (except bombers which don’t have a lock delay). BUT you need enough tank to survive the initial smartbomb volley.

In the engagement above you had zero chance because you got alphaed by the smartbombs due to no tank. Smartbombs apply instantly and don’t need a target lock, so useful to do what he did to you.

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I was in an astero with no cloak. He did half my health in 3 hits, I warped away and to a bunch of planets but needed to scan the wh so I stopped and he caught up.

Ok, then … it was your fault. Never stand still or uncloaked at a celestial. Astero lives by the cloak.

I dont have a cloak since I am alpha…
I bought one and had it equipped but offline since I needed omega.

Sounds like you could learn a new strategy involving ‘safes’, or ‘safe spots’.

Don’t just warp off to a celestial, people will see where you warp off to and can follow you easily.
Better would be to warp to the celestial at range max 100 km, but that can be predictable, so you could alternate warping at 40 or 70km and stay on the move.

Better is to make use of ‘safe’ bookmarks. When you enter a system and warp between your wormhole or gate to a celestial or your site, drop a bookmark (ctrl b) while in warp. Now you have a relative safe spot to warp off to that enemies cannot easily follow!

For enemies to follow you, they need to fly between the same objects snd drop a bookmark at the same time. Or, more likely, they can deploy combat probes (which you can see on Dscan!) to scan your ship’s location to warp to you.

Anyway, if you create and use such safes you get a little extra time to scan your way out.

If the enemy warps to you, consider the safe ‘burned’ and don’t use it again by warping at 0. So if you land on a safe, start aligning directly towards your next possible safe spot.

Better safes are created when you warp from one such safe bookmark to another and drop another safe in between.

And the best type of safes are when you manage to find an empty spot in system outside a direct line between two objects and outside Dscan range of any object (14 AU). But even then people can find you if you have no cloak.

The good thing sbout safes is that you will likely see enemies coming, because they need to deploy combat probes to find you, which are visible on dscan.

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About 1000 Ibis’s

Firstly, @Vuoliganar_Madeveda, glad to see you getting stuck in and taking risks - hopefully you’ve found the rewards, and enjoyment, worth it.

Nice as the Astero is, and it’s a pretty little thing, it really is a ship that must be flown with a cloak, and with a Covert Ops cloak you can move and warp invisibly. If you can’t do that, then you are nice easy target to be hit. The T1 explorers, such as the Magnate are much better if you can’t use a cloak, they can align and escape faster - as well as being a lot cheaper! Also, the T1 ships align very quickly and can be quite hard to catch if the pilot is alert and twitchy.

There is good advice in the above responses: particularly about making safe places in each system: I have a folder just full of “safes” in both real-space (hi-, low- and nul-) and in wormhole systems. Making a bookmark on the fly as you warp is as good as any other way and tactically quick.

If you have to go to a celestial then bounce: as you come out of warp immediately warp to a different celestial, then do it again and again. You want to be warping away before he arrives and sees which way you depart - loose the tail.

And when in a wormhole, keep using d-scan, keep assuming that someone is about to kill you, don’t get distracted or too engrossed in hacking. It’s not paranoia. Someone really is out there planning on killing you - the nervous rabbit escapes.

Good luck.


I warped to 20 different planets and star things with two second align time as well as backtracking and trying to find someplace to dock. I escaped for a bit but after 3 scans, he caught up and killed me. I will probably follow your advice and warp farther next time I was warping 10 AU each time or lower.

Yea I misunderstood and thought that the astero gave a lot of buffs to actually scanning. I did know about cloaking but didn’t realize that I absolutely needed it, I thought that it would be a nice buff. I was using magnates before. I do have a question though, how do I know if a place is safe, he found me in a matter of minutes.

I bounced a ton but he still found me somehow. I will use your advice about d-scanning though.

Do you know about the directional scanner? Or Dscan for short?

He can use it to see where you are, if you aren’t cloaked or outside dscan range (14.3 AU).

Next, he can warp right on top of you by using combat scan probes, just like you warp on top of a relic or data site with regular probes.

If you use your dscan regularly (every few seconds) you will know when he has found you before he arrives: he needs his 8 combat probes within 1 AU of your ship. When this happens it is a large warning for you that you need to warp off, now!

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Ohh that makes so much more sense thank you. That will be a lot of help as I have started to hunt people.

If you are not cloaked then no-where is safe.

So, if you are at a planet or other celestial he can see you on d-scan. By changing the range of the scanner he can quickly work out how close you are, then looks for celestials at the same range. Odds are: you are there. He finds you, he kills you.
He can also focus down the angle of his d-scanner to get a better shot at where you are if there are several possible options.

If you are at a good safe nowhere near anything then he’s got to probe you down. This takes a little longer and you can see his probes on your d-scanner so you know he is hunting you. This takes longer giving you a moment to work out what to do next.
There is another trick, when you get to your safe spot then move away in any direction at maximum speed - use your afterburner if possible. Do Not Use An MWD - the signature increase from it makes you easier to scan down. When he gets a bite on your location he will warp to you, but that will take him some time - say fifteen seconds. When he arrives you have already moved some distance away - say 7.5km if you are doing 500m/s. That will give you a little more chance to make a run for it.

Yes, the Astero has a flat bonus to scanning strength - the same bonus as a T1 frigate at with the relevant racial frigate skill (such as Amarr Frigate Skill) trained to level 5. Nice, because it’s a good bonus. But without a cloak it’s an expensive ship for a relatively small performance improvement.
Train the scanning skills and the racial frigate skill and things get a lot better quite quickly in a Magnate or similar.

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Smartbomb Proteus.