Battle match-up opinions wanted

Ok, Had another Venture destroyed in 0.4. Then had my pod killed and then had the next pod killed by the same person as I tried to get back to the station, not sure how he could sit next to the station like that. Anyway… Say I wanted to activate the kill order the game told me i had, how do you thin k I would have fared? This will help me decide in the future as well as get a feel for the different ships in the game, especially the non-T1 ships.

I had a Thrasher with 2 150mm guns and 5 125mm guns all with EMP ammo, plus a small missile launcher with light inferno missiles. shields 1840, armor 862 and hull 862.
Also have an afterburner, medium shield extender and an M51 shield recharger. And lastly overdrive and a Counter Balanced Compact Gyrostabilizer for speed and damage bonus for turrets (is this thing good?). Would an attachment that disrupts targeting be helpful, instead of the shield recharge? Should i include the 250mm light gallium cannon i found?

He was using A GARMUR with Caldari navy Light Inferno Missiles. It has 25% missile damage, 200% missile velocity and 50% penalty to missile flight time. Shields 680, armor 590 and hull 560. He also had the attachment to prevent warp. No big deal if I’m looking to fight and not run.

By the numbers it looks like I should be able to kill him easy, but I’m new… How significant is it that his ship a “Faction” ship? and what does that even mean? His ship is way more expensive so it might have all kinds of other fittings including rigs,

What do you think? Thanks

You will lose.

Your guns won’t reach him and he’ll kill you from out of range.

It’s not really significant. He would be able to kill you with other ships just as easily.

It means the ship hull is developed by a faction that’s not one of the 4 main Empires.

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Ok, right attitude but Scoots is right. If you look at his fit he can point you from 34 km & his missile range is 28 km. Also his MWD means he can just kite you. His garmur has no tank tho so, if you can pin him down, he’s squishy. But PvP not my thing so you’d have to experiment, Atron & blasters maybe? Just guessing.

The little lowsec pocket you are mining in can be quite busy, there are much quieter lowsec systems in Derelik. But tbh, the ore you are mining is available in hisec anomolies. I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from lowsec but you would be much better off looking for gas which can be worth up to 50kk per venture load.

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Good attitude. :slight_smile:
Very EVEish.

I want to echo Scoots as well, in regard to your current proposal of dealing with the killright (and the player). You will die.

So, what’s to do?

Get creative.

First, check your enemy’s kill board, you can do that on zkill: (link here – if you’re unfamiliar with it

Then lay a trap.

That’s easy to say, difficult to pull off. My point is your enemy does this, did this, and is probably going to do it tomorrow, too. So, chances are he’s going to spot a trap a mile away. That’s why you have to get creative.

You will probably need backup. Either friends, or paid help. And, yes, paid help is a thing in EVE. It’s not as prevalent as it used to be; but, it’s still done.

If you don’t have friends (free help), you can hire a mercenary; or, what now seems eons ago (to me) you could plead your case over in Crime and Punishment and ask for help. The regulars frequenting that section of the forum used to (I want to repeat this “used to”) if you gave them a good enough yarn occasionally rally behind someone and just help out for free. Stories used to be a valuable currency in C & P. People would actually war dec, if you gave them a good enough story.

You may have to use yourself as bait, and depend on others to do the killing for you. You may have to (or decide to) go it alone, which means you’ll need to outsmart him/her.

One other consideration, if you’re seeking help, you’ll need guys who are available in your timezone, always mention that upfront. People will help; but it doesn’t mean they’ll get out of bed or skip work to do it.

You can do this. It’s not impossible. It’s just a new player (you started in April?) doesn’t necessarily realize just how far creative thinking can take you in this game.

If you do this, update the thread. A lot of new players won’t even attempt seeking satisfaction on their own. Updating the thread, just might be the encouragement another new player could use.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for the answers and the advice. But I’m still not sure why you are so sure I’d die. Is it JUST the distance thing? If we’re in the same station I could wait for him to undock and be relatively close. If its the distance i could get a talwar which is a destroyer missile ship.

Or is it that he most likely have too much experience (fast on the draw) and all kinds of skills researched.

I’m really JUST interested in learning what i dont know about getting into a PVP battle “what am i missing?” rather than actually attacking for real. I’m not that concerned about fighting this individual but if i did, why would I lose.

It’s not impossible to kill him, he got it in the face about an hour after you :slight_smile:

Export that fit, import it & simulate it. Compare it to your Talwar. Distance, point & speed all matter but so does experience. Have a look at his killboard and see how effective he is at what he does.

Sere is right, you are going to have to out-think him.

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It seems quite empty last week, but its getting too popular now. I went there because it was a close source of Jaspet and Kernite and the next system over which is another 0.4 has Gniess. This last sysytem is usually completely empty so i can watch the local chat board and warp as soon as a name shows up.

I also wanted to try out exploration since EVERY high sec area ALWAYS has its cosmic signatures already taken. And they would probably be crap there anyway,

Last reason for being there was to go after NPCs in the asteroids. They are better than the combat anomalies in high sec but not as impossible to do as the combat anomalies in low sec.

He is (or was) in the same station as me, couldn’t i get real close as he exits?

But thanks for showing me that, So much I dont know about. I was more afraid that he had a webifier and I would be too slow to get near him.

Fair enuff. I have operated in Upl/Yish myself but mostly for gas. Just have to keep dscan going.

But as he’s targetting mostly ventures all he has to do is dscan each belt at 5 degrees, I’d have thought that when he lands then 95% of the time he’ll be in range to point & fire.

You could fit a warp core stab to make your venture 3 points which would match his 3 disrupters, might save you one time.

Well with that fit he gets over 3600 m/s with his MWD so catching him would be a problem.

I like it. I’m career solo miner (two years old) who cut teeth using venture in low sec to ninja mine moons. Secondary target was regular LS anoms.

Jaspet in HS and gneiss in LS were always my favorite regular ores. Good markets and less competition than for say hedbergite or arkonor, so I always made money.

Recommended skill(s) for you to improve is AB (and agility). Biggest thing venture has going for it is speed tank and built-in resistance against warp disruption.

So, forget overdrive mod in low. Take advice of @Yberta_Molk and fit warp core stab - ‘halcyon’ is still my preferred choice - and the best AB you can. When mining, orbit at 10 km with AB on. NPCs will hardly be able to hit you and you can grind them with hobgoblins. Even if you trigger “clone soldier” NPC you will be moving too fast for it to kill you and you can still mine (but will have no chance of killing it.)

If pirate manages to land on grid before you see him, orbiting at 10 km will give SOME delay before they can tackle you. That, plus WCS should get you out most times. NOTE: because current pirate is using “long points” and MWD, orbiting might not help you much as they will still get close to you, real quick. But it will help against anyone using scramblers rather than disruptors, as they have to get that much closer.

Eventually you also want to get your tank up - start with rigs and then train up for better mods in mid - but after you get used to WCS and AB.


thanks but whats AB and WCS?

AB is shorthand for after-burner. WCS is warp core stabilizer (or “stab”).

Just as MWD is microwarp drive and LS is low sec. Etc.

Most EvE shorthand is fairly intuitive. After a while.

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The Eve Lexicon, most abbreviations are in it.

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Sent u an in-game mail.

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Hey Winter,

Just came back to EVE and was doing my usual thing (stalking NCQA forums) and I really applaud you for your attitude. From almost giving up on it, to embracing EVE for all it’s beauty. And it looks like you really want to learn.

Let me emphasize 2 things though:

A. Older and/or more expensive =/= better

B. In PvP there is no easy A is better then B answer. It all depends on the situation, a long range glass cannon will kill something that is fit for short range, if he can dictate the range. However, if that short range ship can get in really close and out run the tracking on the guns, it will kill the glass cannon.

So with PvP, everything is situational. The best thing, learn from your mistakes (specially in PvP) and analyze why you lost (check your killboard, look at the killer’s killboard to see if he lost that ship (and thus likely that fit previously) and see how you can improve.

Also, don’t ever be affraid to contact your killer. Most capsuleers are really friendly if you contact them and ask what went wrong and how you can improve. Everybody wants more and better prey.

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