What would be the result of two T3 destroyers of different factions, similarly fitted with their faction’s guns & ammo, rigs… getting into a fight, supposing both capsuleers are about the same age/skills?
Would one of the ships have an advantage due to its faction’s design? Would it be same regarding ammo or guns/lazers ?

Would it ultimately be called on countermeasures, hull repairers, webbers?
Or does it simply come down to the bigger guns?
What area of ship warfare is critical for a capsuleer to watch closely to not have to wake into yet another meatsack?

It will happen when taking part of fleets skirmishes for sure. I refer more to a duel or random encounter.
Info and opinions are welcome and appreciated.
Thank you :blush:

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It will mostly depend on three things:

  1. Fittings
  2. Range the engagement starts

A kiting fit ship will more likely win a fight that starts at range.
A brawling fit ship will more likely win if the fight starts at close range.

Some would consider getting into the position to achieve the warpin range that favors your fitting the most is already part of the fight - and I would agree.

The third thing is the experience of each pilot with the ship they are currently using. Knowing what it can and can not do determines the applied tactics during the engagement. Such as attempts to sling-shot into a kiter or the attempt to scram-kite.

If you enjoy these kinds of thought experiments, you might like the old but still at it’s core relevant “Small Gang Archetype” Series by Chessur.


When I’m playing, it always depends on the friends both sides bring :wink:
“Fair” solo fights are quite rare. There’s also even draws, like when both sides aren’t able to break a tank. But many times it’s a particular bad decision, a perfectly set overheat, better distance management, an inconvenient booster reload time, or more repair paste which makes the difference.

Sometimes we win and sometimes they do.
And then we analyze what we did wrong, sometimes identifying the reason “bad day”. What is essential in every fight: Experience and routine. Do it often, and you will get better more or less automatically.


Thanks for your reply.

I don’t expect ‘fair’.
I don’t expect to play fair myself. I don’t believe in ‘fair’.

Well, the winner would depend on who out-cheated their opponent.

Seems perfectly fitting EVE Online. :wink:

this is a paper scissor rock game
so the answer to you question is of course “it depends”
depends on range, on the fits, etc
so… wrong question

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