Hello combatants!

Yesterday i have tried this game . I started it with the tutorial option , finished the tutorial and noticed a lot of other pilots like me outside the station . First thought that crossed my mind was to destroy one of them . I pick up one , set my 1000 m orbit and then… and then the guns won’t fire . I ask in help channel , someone tells me it could be the safety system and proceeds to explain how to disable it. So i disable and then , my ship explodes . They tell me about space police and so , this is crap , honestly , space police ?!?
So then i ask , how to avoid space police and receive 100 different answers . In the end i set my route to a system that some player tells me i can fight others . I go there , the amount of gates i have to take , mind blowing , felt like falling asleep on my computer .
So i finally arrive , the system named Tama. I sit at a gate and see this big ship , i think it was called Tayra or something , i active me afterburner , get in range , orbit 1000 m , shoot , then surprise … dead again !
I ask why i was destroyed , there wasn’t supposed to be police there , it appears it was some kind of gate cannon . I do as someone told me , warp to asteroid belts , warp to the sun , no one … Some people in local chat typing “gf” , most of them blink as yellow .
In the end i ask in local for a combatant to come and fight me at the sun . Someone came there , i try to catch his ship , he moves too fast . I close in the range , get to shoot him once , then my ship explodes , that was so fast .
I think i need a better ship for this and better planning / tactics ?
What i ask is , what ship can i use as a new player that is affordable and will give me a chance to destroy others ? Meanwhile i pursue this military basic career and looking forward for the advanced one, but these involve npc , i want to destroy players not npc .
Also , is there an arena where we can fight and where you can get there fast ? moving around in this game takes ages.

Thank you !


Keep an eye out for these events.
Otherwise join the faction warfare/pvp corp.


Faction warfare you say ? Alright , i will do the reading on that and see what’s about . Thanks.

If you just started I doubt you could do anything in pvp. They can probably one shot you anyway so the gate cannons weren’t even needed.

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i don’t like your attitude . i have faith in me and believe that i can do better than other new players
when someone like you comes along and tells me this , well it’s game on for me.


I said that merely because the corvette (which I assume you are using from just finishing the tutorial and from the lost ships from zkillboard) cannot compete in practically any scenario even with multiple years of experience unless you get really lucky or find an afk player. I would advise getting a t1 frigate at least, I have nothing against you, just corvettes are bad. There is a reason they are given away for free.

Without the skill and knowledge to compete against the veterans (there is no newbie PvP zone or kind of fairness, there is just PvP everyone vs. everyone), you need special surprise fits, or being in a group.

What you need is knowledge … I would suggest watching some YT videos, plus asking everyone who killed you for help. Maybe let recruit you into a lowsec corp (never ever join a highsec corp). Base out of Jita/Perimeter to have easy market access and being close to Tama (“capital of lowsec PvP”).

I am reading this faction warfare stuff now , seems the kind of stuff that i want . Where can i find these faction warfare player corporations ? or should i just enlist with a militia ?

Enlist with militia is an option. But you can also just fool around Tama, lose a couple ships, and try connect with some corps there. If you have the right attitude and are willing to learn from vets, you should be able to find a mentor quickly.

I’ve rarely seen a Newbro being that pvp keen and carefree just right at the start - kudos!
You definitely need some lessons in PvP, how weapons and ammo work, what scrams, webs, prop mods etc do, speed, distance, brawl vs kite - this is an exciting area, and carebears like me need months to learn all this. You may make that in a week :wink:
At the start strong frigates like Rifter or Punisher or fast ones like Atron or Condor are most suitable. You sound like the brawling kind - a Merlin with blasters perhaps?
Carry on trying!

A really nice guide about frigates: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SV_sWWIinoheBaGZgL2nUVJGYwnsNJqJ/view

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I went back there , around Tama, had a battle with a Daredevil . Looks like it’s some kind of a special ship with cool webifier , i think i will avoid those for the time being .
I have lost the battle , but now reshipping and yeah , i hope i’ll have better luck.

eve is a paper-scissors-stone type of pvp setting. So one ship type will be good against some other ships, and will be bad against others. Fits add even more complexity, as ships can be fitted for long range or close range, more hp or more speed etc. So don’t expect a uniform answer like “take this ship”. Everything depends on the context (range, etc…). Grab a t1 frigate and have fun, rince and epeat until you find the ship types you like to fly or those that are the best for the type of fight you wanna take

I would recommend ‘Red vs Blue’ if you like combat and are still learning.
From what I read recently they are giving away free t1 fitted ships to newer players.
Great place to try and get a fair…ish fight while you learn.
I think the in game channel is R-V-B


It’s a highsec corp, and from what I see in the forum, has a toxic leadership.

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Not sure why high sec should affect anything. Constant combat in similar level ships is the best way to start learning imo.
15 man gate camps with instalocks or spending an hour + roaming to find a solo fight isn’t great when starting out.

I’m only basing this off my experience.
I don’t know about the current leadership of RvB. It’s changed hands since i took my long break from Eve.

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LOL, this was a funny read !

The proper ships for you as a starter are t1 frigates and t1 destroyers , you can get fast into them , they are not expensive and therefore easy to replace , that way you can learn a lot of things about PvP .
Like others have suggested to you here, try and find a faction warfare corporation or even RvB (Tipa says that leadership is now toxic there , I can’t confirm this since last time I knew stuff about them was in their golden days around 2011-2013, maybe now things have changed, you can give it a try and if it’s fine for you and you are having fun you can stay , if not just simply leave), but be calculated about this and take your time , some faction warfare corporations advertise PvP and activity , while in reality it’s a corp full of alts that do farming or barely login at all .

To help you with your PvP , there are a lot of YT channels focused on this and guides on the internet , just use google , there are simply too many for me to link them here .

Good luck !

You are aware that frigate guide is 2 years old now, here’s the newest one


You can’t replace even T1 frigs as fast as you can lose them in PvP :slight_smile: Last time I checked PvP was still ISK sink. But spending RL money on PLEX for more PvP is best spent money in gaming industry AFAIK.

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That is a REALLY good chart! Thank you.

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