Dark Matter Abyssal Effects Make No Sense

So it’s supposed to reduce the optimal range of turrets, right? Dark Matter in the context of this game is said to absorb EM radiation. Okay. For blasters and energy weapons this makes sense.

For railguns and projectiles, it does not. In both cases, these are physical slugs being fired out of a cannon, which detonate on impact.

My proposal is thus: change the deleterious effect of Dark Matter filaments, such that instead of affecting turret optimal ranges, it puts a penalty towards targeting range.

If you think about it, this makes more sense. To even achieve a target lock requires the use of some form of EM radiation. This effect would also play nicely with the current secondary effect, which is an increase in ship velocity. This also technically keeps the current effect, which is to reduce the effective range of weapons.

Missiles should get a velocity bonus owing to the fact that they have their own propulsion, as do ships.

Railguns would definitely be affected as it is EM force used to accelerate the projectile. Projectiles would be fine in that sense. Perhaps optimal range is affected by dark matter acting as a signal damper on targeting systems. This would affect all turrets equally.

But that force is applied locally; I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Dark Matter is an energy sponge that actively draws in EM radiation. Otherwise, capacitor recharge would be negatively affected as well.

To me, it’s the difference between shining a flashlight into a cloud of fog, and firing a bullet into it, traditionally or otherwise.

Given that none of the physics in EvE make much sense, let’s put it down to ‘SciPhy’ licence :smiley:

That sounds like an excuse I’m not willing to buy. :unamused:

It’s OK as it is but from gameplay side if you lose 50% lock range due to weather then even more due to npcs you may find situations where you can’t even lock up to 20km which is very frustrating especialy with certain death timer


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