Turret-dominant Abyssal weather suggestion


With four drone-dominant weathers and one launcher-dominant (Dark), turrets are left out. This is an attempt to create an experience that preserves the overall feel and challenge level of the existing weathers, while providing a turret-dominant choice, thus opening up an entire segment of hulls, but also new and unique builds specific to this content.
Dark sites discourage turrets (and by extension, drones) rather brazenly - the site penalty straight-up says “screw your turrets in particular (and your drones cause they use turrets too)”, and the site bonus makes turret handling and drone effectiveness more tricky as well. Therefore, I am willing to be just as bold to achieve the goal of creating a turret-dominant weather.


New weather - Magnetic Distortion Field:
New abyssal filaments have begun to appear in data hacking sites around New Eden and Anoikis which lead to previously undiscovered abyssal pockets containing unique weather effects not seen before. These pockets of abyssal deadspace are affected by heavy magnetic distortion fields, increasing the effectiveness of turret* damage by 50%**. However, attracted to these powerful magnetic fields are swarms of malfunctioning armor nanites, which will quickly*** devour all drones and missiles on grid.

*Specifically must exclude drone turrets
**Open to design/balance needs, does not have to be this value precisely. This is the “bonus” component of the weather, and remains static in all tiers and in every instance.
***Being that this is the “penalty” component of the weather, it is rolled and increases in higher tiers. The precise values and nature of these rolls are open to design/balance needs.


  • Bonus is a large increase to non-drone turret damage output, penalty is inhospitability to drones and missiles, essentially as if the entire pocket was full of Deviant Automata Suppressor towers - this bonus/penalty combo means there is no resist penalty, and therefore increased EHP.

  • Both directly and indirectly discourage drones and launchers by excluding them from the bonus, and targeting them with the penalty.

  • Balance turret platforms around dealing with the lack of NPC resist hole resulting in higher EHP NPCs, dealing with the increased NPC damage output, leaning on the player turret damage output bonus, and leaning on the lack of resist penalty on the player.

  • Optimal builds for this weather will go heavy on tank since NPC damage increase outstrips the usefulness of lack of a player resist penalty, light on damage since they have a large inherent player damage bonus and not all of it is needed to punch through the increased NPC EHP, and the content tuning should put the balance right around the time-to-kill/E-DPS of Dark weather. I have simulated a number of scenarios in pyfa that result in acceptable tuning for this.

In summary:

CCPlz, ty <3


Well, I’m don’t know about your specific proposal, but I am for encouraging ship diversity (especially if it means a few less Gilas flying about).

Moreover, the theory crafters out there would love figuring out the new weathers, and the guys who adapt quickly will end up seeing a temporary income boost as all the laggards lose efficiency/stop running.

Needless to say, I’m sure that there will be plenty of players complaining that their old fits stopped working :smiling_imp:, but as long as it doesn’t decrease income potential, I would consider new weathers/changing weathers to be a good thing. It would encourage ship diversity, keep things fresh without needed a bunch of dev time, give the theory crafters a new puzzle to solve, and reward those who adapt quickly.

Of course, I wouldn’t presume to say what attributes the weathers should have, but I’m definitely digging the idea of periodic weather changes. So, plus one to that.
No P2W

You know, it’s funny that you mention this. I default to thinking about a fit being designed for the weather, but I suppose there is an entire segment of players who really do use the same ship built the same way for all of the weathers, and adding a new one may change that.

i like the idea to give turret ships a weather where they can shine, or at least be somewhat viable, if it provides more ship diversity. the weather penalty would be fine, but i dont like the bonus, because it solves only the problem the ikitursa has and does nothing for other ships (zealot struggles with cap outside electricals, shield hacs cant trade damage mods for tank and the adc doesnt make up for +70% incoming damage, deimos has not enough range), but amplify an existing issue. high aplha and little buffer is already problematic for some ships.
trig spawns in that weather would also be very, very scarry, to say the least

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Well, I don’t understand why you guys want to complicate things so much.
We already have 7 levels of abyssals. The Tier 6’s Filaments are really hard to run.
Why not stick to that already ?

turret ships are underrepresented in the abyss, more ship variety would be nice. new fits to theorycraft and test sounds great. even better when it cant be infested by the abyss drone plague!

a falloff bonus would also help some turret ships, without making trig spawns too hard

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Its not the weather that makes turrets suck and drones good. Its the rat spawns. A turret ship just isnt versatile enough to handle all the possible room spawns

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