Darkness Consumed Recruiting

Let the Darkness Consume you

We are a future PVP focused corporation who is just rebuilding. Once we have the numbers to move out 00 we will be doing so. Until then we intend to do hs wardecs and low sec roams to get some experience for all members. You can expect an active and goal orientated leadership.

We are recruiting pilots for all english speaking timezones in order to build a community and empire of like minded pilots

What we Offer:
Competent FCs for strategic ops
PVPing Lowsec 0.0 and W space
Frequent Weekly small/medium gang fleets
Training in all aspects of the game for those who need it
Tight-Knit Community
Ore/Ice buyback program
Open leadership

What We’re looking for -
Primarily USTZ, looking to spread into other timezones
No minimum SP requirements 5mil+ preferred
Full API required
Looking for PVP pilots, also looking to bolster our indy base
Involved/Proactive player-base

Goals -
Get more people

Continued small/mid size gang content

Dark Recruits to learn how to apply

Recruitment is still open

What is your long term goal? more specific then get into 0.0. Do you want to get into sov as easily as possible, ie renting or joining an alliance or coalition? Or do you want to go and take sov for yourself by taking a system through force?

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